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Last Activity:
Jun 16, 2017
Apr 29, 2012
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Home Page:
DC Universe
School, ya know

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The Fastest Comeback, from DC Universe

DiaRubyTandem was last seen:
Jun 16, 2017
    1. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy
    2. Vernikova
      I can only remember the movie by that name. What is senior high?
    3. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      I gave it a solid A
      It's an excellent movie!
    4. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Yeah I know. :(
    5. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Wonder Woman was awesome! I just saw it tonight.
    6. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      We'll see... but yeah, the ONLY DC Film (NOT COUNTING Direct to VOD Animated Films) Next Year... IS Aquaman!! And it's Taken Star Wars's Place For the CHRISTMAS Movie of that Year! Although Aquaman HAS Competion that Christmas too, Mary Poppins Returns, and the Queen Biopic by X-Men Director Bryan Singer.
    7. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Eh, Ending was Good Enough.
    8. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Oh I thought after the Fight on the Beach, the Film DRAGS for like a Good 30-45 Minutes.
    9. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Wait what now?
    10. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      OMG, THE PACING IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SOOOOOOOOOO BAD LOL!!!!!!! The CGI is Good there, the CGI with Wonder Woman FIGHTING Danny Huston WAS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Oh Hey There!
    12. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy
      ay haha. tnx. saan ka na palang school? and good luck!
    13. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy
    14. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy
      not sure yet, pero nagapply na ako una sa BPO company.
    15. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy
      dude hi!!!
      ok lang. naghahanap ng trabaho. *ugly sobbing*
    16. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      He definitely did!
    17. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      I know, [There's Hell/Underworld. They SAID "ALL" the Gods had Died but... I'D GUARANTEE Hades is Alive somewhere knowing that CREEPY GOTH *UCK LOL!! And I knew about Pine. I KNEW he had Multi Contract Deal! Let's hope ONE OF THEM WASN'T the Picture Photo Cameo in BvS!]
    18. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Good! :) BEST CHARACTERS were Wonder Woman herself, Steve Trevor, AND Antiope! :) although... WHAT A WASTE OF ROBIN WRIGHT!!! :( like... Robin Wright was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!
    19. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Gal Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman.
    20. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Gotta get to Work but I'll Leave it at this, VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • About

    Home Page:
    DC Universe
    School, ya know
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:

    Former name(s): brendan25

    BIO UPDATED (6/6/16)

    Real name is Earl. You can call me by my username or DRT ^^

    I'm Mr. Lazy, Mr. Comeback :p

    Favorite Region: Hoenn and Sinnoh
    Favorite Gym Leaders: Winona, Wattson
    Favorite Elite Four: Drake
    Favorite Champion: Steven and Cynthia

    Top 5 Favorite Pokemon:
    1. Swampert
    2. Blastoise
    3. Aggron
    4. Greninja
    5. Salamence

    Top 5 Pokemon Regions:
    1. Hoenn
    2. Sinnoh
    3. Kanto
    4. Kalos
    5. Johto

    Others... COMING SOON!


    I like to rhyme! Ya know
    Mah favorite pokemon is Mudkip! You see it becomes Marshtomp then Swampert in its final form so keep it!

    I like to play basketball. My favorite teams in NBA are San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls! In PBA, my favorite team is Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters. I liked basketball since I was a kid. My dream is to be a basketball player and represent my country to the world! I'm not good at basketball at first. But the years go by, I'm becoming better just like now.

    I'm a friendly guy and also who loves to prank. Also I'm lazy but I will do everything to help others! I admit that I'm impatient and some get mad at me. But that's okay with me. It's fun to have many friends, telling things to each other. My birthday is on February 25.

    I'm an otaku. My top 5 anime is Naruto, Dragonball, Shingeki No Kyojin, Hunter X Hunter and One Piece. I finished Naruto and Dragonball in games, manga and anime! Some people hate it because they say it's for kids but they need to watch it before they react. Anime has great characters and storyline. Two very good examples are Dragonball and Naruto. Not only it's about action and adventures. It shows love, respect to the others, also using powers to save people from danger.

    I play:
    WWE games
    Call of Duty
    Assassin's Creed
    Batman Arkham series
    Naruto Storm series
    and lots of video games

    I watch:
    Family Guy
    Walking Dead
    American Dad
    The Simpsons
    (Too lazy to put all of them here)

    Me: Listen, I’ve been thinking.
    Her: Really?
    Me: About why we’re so good together.
    Her: Why is that?
    Me: Well, your crazy matches my crazy, big time.
    Her: Mm.
    Me: And, uh, we’re like two jigsaw pieces, you know, and we have curvy edges.
    Her: But you fit them together and you see the picture on top.
    Me: Right.

    Hey! Subscribe me in YouTube! Earl The Blur!I make superhero trailers and lots of stuff!

    1. Roses are red. Violets are blue. God made us beautiful. What the hell happened to you?

    2. Twinkle twinkle little star, I wanna hit you with my car. Throw you off a tree so high, hope you break your neck and die.

    3. It's scary to think people like you are allowed to breed.

    4. You must've been born on a highway, that's where most accidents happen.

    5. It's not the sun that hurts my eyes, it's your face.

    6. No, no I'm listening. It just takes me a minute to process so much stupid at once.

    7. You're so ugly that Hello Kitty said goodbye to you.

    8. If you were twice as smart you'd still be stupid.

    9. Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you?

    10. Why don't you check on Ebay and say if they have a life for sale?

    Thanks Wolfless :)




    Thanks to American--Pi for this awesome userbar!