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  • Kórvem: I said perhaps... We shall see.

    Well uh... as flattered as I am, I dunno. I'm busy enough as it is keeping up with my own team and my research.
    Manchester also VERY GOOD!! Why? Because he's Batfleck's Brother?

    Honestly... Killer Croc reminded me TOO MUCH of a Creature from Game Of Thrones, and looked like those *UCKING HORRIBLE GOOMBAS from the Live Action Super Mario Movie! X________________X
    Kórvem: Perhaps I could teach you, Gar. We shall see. *He floats back over to Zeph*

    Impressive team. Here's mine! *I grab my other Pokéballs and throw them up into the air* Come on out, Tyrivicus (Lucario), Kaladan (Gallade), Valo (Bisharp), Hydraxius (Blastoise), and Arcavius (Aggron)!

    Yay... Star Trek Beyond should have Won tho...
    No worries, but thank Kórvem. He's always up for a battle. In fact, he's more of the trainer than I am. I just give out the commands when I'm battling with my other Pokémon friends. ^^

    Kórvem: *He stops using Heal Pulse and looks at me* That is true, from a certain point of view.
    Kórvem: "Because we are not enemies..." He begins, broadcasting his telepathy to those around him. "and it is the right thing to do."

    I walk over to Kórvem and Gar. "That's Kórvem for you... He's more decent than most humans." I say with a smile.
    U know... having him make a Cameo IN The Batman wouldn't actually be a Good Idea :) who's your ideal Choice for the Role?
    WB AND DC are just VERY SHADY right now... Matt Reeves I find a VERY OVERRATED Director. And as for Nightwing... just because your Recent Film (LEGO Batman Movie) does well, DOESN'T MEAN U CAN DO LIVE ACTION!
    What happened, you ask? *I smirk* Kórvem here is a real warrior.

    Kórvem: You could say that. *He speaks via telepathy as he floats over to his fallen opponent and begins using Heal Pulse to mend any wounds*
    Let's show them your's, Kór. ^^

    Kórvem: Upon hearing you say Draco Meteor, he creates the orb of energy in front of him, but instead of sending it upward to summon the meteors, he holds onto it with his telekinetic powers, does a rapid corkscrew spin, then launches a spinning, missile like Draco Meteor directly at Gar, the separate meteors all compacted in a single blast.
    Oh I see now.

    Well DC can PANIC AGAIN! Apparently WB and DC *UCKED up because they HAD Matt Reeves who does the Current Apes Franchise in Talks for The Batman but now he has LEFT Negotiations. And Mel Gibson in talks to do Suicide Squad 2... if I were him, BACK THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!! Ur just slowly Starting to Win Back Fans so DON'T PISS THEM OFF AGAIN even tho U got people who still HATE U! Pretty much I don't want a GOOD Director like Mel Gibson to be WASTED!!!!!!!
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