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  • Oh yep, I'm alive. I just went comatose in terms of SPPF for three years, for no reason. Possibly the shame of the last fic I tried to post here.

    Glad to see you're alive, too! What's new.
    Thanks! And pfft, hey, I'd enjoy it. Because if it involves Bill and ponies, that can only be awesome[/i] I always enjoy your fanart.

    Also... *hugs* :( Happy belated then so you can feel more love?
    Ello.......... :)

    Haven't heard from you in a while. Just checking to see if you're still alive as opposed to buried under a whole bunch of classwork or other annoying things like that.

    Just to let you know, in case you haven't visited the MH thread in a while, I decided to put that story on hiatus. I'll probably go back to it later, but right now I feel like writing something different. I have a three-shot novella up that might pique your interest... and a new journey fic that's coming out sometime fairly soon.
    Yeah, I don't really like Skype that much either, but the populace seems to prefer it. We have to get with the times. >.<;;

    For G+, you merely have to set-up and you're good to go. It's very good for Hangouts, which is basically Skype... without the hassle.

    What kind of trouble are you having with Skype? Doesn't Breezy have Skype? You should ask her for help too.
    Oracles of Delphi had to be eternal virgins, like the Hunters. However, this merely meant that the maidenhood had to be intact. Lesbianism is usually an exception to Greek mythology. xD

    Haha, Nico made me laugh when he dragged the Lares out by the ear. That was epic. xD

    btw, do you have Skype or G+ hangouts? Using VMs all the time is spamming our profiles. XD
    tbh, Annabeth/Rachel could work as a femlove couple. Rachel has an "artsy" vibe which couples well with Annabeth's penchant for architecture. Moreover, I'd love to see Percy's reaction to that pairing. Somewhere between complete mortification and "are you kidding? Let's pour some jell-o on them!" xD

    Poor Leo. He's already fallen for Thalia and had a crush on Khione. If he becomes infatuated with Reyna, it'd kill him, because of all those "connections" to Jason. I think Hazel might be strangely attracted to him, to be honest. Leo might be very confused.

    I just realised something as Fridge Brilliance in the series. When Aphrodite was talking to Piper in Medea's department store, the goddess mentions that her children can be honourable and admirable warriors. While she says that, Aphrodite picks up a bronze brass-plate corroded with acid.

    At the first reading, it seemed like Aphrodite was merely perusing through the items and telling Piper what is cute, but now I just realised that she was probably referring to Silena Beauregard. Oh, slick Rick. You are brilliant. =O

    Hey, another reason why Leo/Piper could work. Remember Charles and Silena. =3
    Percy and Rachel both had a crush on each other which was heavily implied. He mentally compared Rachel to Calypso and Annabeth, which says a lot. Of course, Rachel then explained that her attraction to Percy was attributed to her future as an Oracle, who would be drawn to the "Hero of Destiny" or something. At any rate, Annabeth was rather wary of Rachel. Some tension there...

    Rachel did serve a purpose, though. She helped Percy realise, as you said, that Annabeth was truly the person whom he loved. Rachel said something to Percy that what they had was merely a friendship, and Percy was merely confused. xP

    Frank/Hazel's story should be interesting. I really want to see what kind of a role Leo plays into their relationship. Man, what a plot-twist, that one. At first, I thought "why does Percy recognise Sammy?" And then I was, "oh ****, he dreamt about Leo and Piper, didn't he?" xP

    Heroes is simple?! Lol, now there's a complex show. xP
    Leo's pyrokinesis is probably extremely useful. And I strongly believe that Gaea thinks that he's a liability because of his fatal flaw. I bet you that the kid is loaded with self-loathing and feelings of inferiority after inadvertently causing his mother's death. His narration in Lost Hero implied that he feels inferior to Jason a lot. His fatal flaw is probably linked to all that.

    Talking about fatal flaws, I'm scared about what Percy will do. Throughout the series, people have repeatedly said that Percy's fatal flaw was his loyalty to his precious people. Couple this with Frank's destiny to "sacrifice what it necessary for the greater good" and Juno's warning that "Annabeth is going to be a problem". Somehow, I think that Percy's loyalty to Annabeth is going to compromise the mission (save the girl or save the world), and Frank will step in to stop it. DDD:

    Thalia is a lesbian magnet. Don't forget Thalia/Annabeth, and Rachel pairings. Rachel has also sworn off men but she has that "tension" with Annabeth over her previous relationship with Percy...
    LOL at Reyna/Annabeth. I strongly suspect that Reyna's proposal about "Praetors" will cause a rift in Percabeth. I like Reyna, but she definitely expressed an interest in Percy, who might approach as a friend after a fight with Annabeth...

    Talking about Reyna, God, Jason/Piper. That can't be too good. Reyna is so pro that she's involved in two love triangles. Her rotten luck with guys, lawl. This is why I'm eagerly anticipating Mark of Athena. The Argo II is bound to be a cesspit of hormones. We have Annabeth who likes Percy, who is acquainted with Reyna. Reyna previously had a "sort of" relationship with Jason, whom Piper likes. Leo may or may not like Piper in a romantic (Ron-Hermione UST) sense, but he looks freakishly like Sammy Valdez, who was Hazel's old flame. Frank also likes Hazel a lot. Oh man, it's like HP and the Pokemon in this sense: the SHIPPING. xD XD XD

    Now there's a reason why PJO fanfiction might experience an uplift in activity. =3
    Yeah, Nico is captured, leaving a spot of Annabeth to take. I find it ironic that first Percy is the "Dude in Distress" during Lost Hero, and now Nico is the "Distressed Badass". lol, what is with guys getting captured? Perhaps Riordan got bored after Annabeth got snatched in Titan's Curse and decided to switch things up. xD

    True. Apollo's "spawn" are likely to be treated more nicely, though, than any child of Poseidon. So many bad blood between Athena and Poseidon, lol. "You turned my favourite girl into a snake-headed gorgon!" "You SLEPT with that very same girl in my ****ing temple, you giant arsewipe!"

    Annabeth's addition would add a nice degree of "godly diversity" (nice term, btw) and would actually even out the guy-girl ratio in the group. With Annabeth, you have four guys and three girls, as opposed to five guys and two girls. But hey, even if Nico joins, you'll have four Greeks and three Romans. Camp Half-Blood wins! xD

    SoN implied that some powers get recycled, as Frank's situation has proven. The "gifts" are contingent on the favour of the god who gave him in the first place. I suspect that Aphrodite can choose to might her grandchildren Muggles if she were upset with Drew/Piper. xD

    PJO fanfiction doesn't require too much Greek knowledge, tbh. The series already set up and extrapolated on a great deal of mythology already; you can simply play within the limits already set by Riordan and be fine. No, I speculate that PJO initially didn't have enough strongly characterised (non-god) characters who weren't Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Luke, Grover and Thalia. HP has bucketloads of minor HP students who have strong, defining characterisation (Ernie Macmillan, Hannah Abbott, Lavender Brown, etc.) The addition of the Romans and Leo/Piper should have rectified that problem, however.
    Oh, you like MLP music, eh? You must have heard this, then. "Gym Leader Pinkie wishes to battle!" Since Octavia is a favourite of yours, I suppose you'd enjoy this piece too.

    Athena mightn't have a problem with Annabeth dating a child of Apollo, but I agree with you that she wouldn't be amused with Apollo made her daughter a new "conquest". xD

    I thought it was Nico because SoN made lots of references to basically Percy >> Nico >>> Jason, in terms of power level. Moreover, Nico connects the two camps through his deathly Ambadassadorness (totally should be a real word). I don't think Annabeth would stand up against the other six in terms of combat potential.

    Percy and Jason have their Big Three powers, while Hazel has awesome metalkinesis (plus a gold-eating horse). Leo can burn ****, and Frank can always go Beast Boy. Even Piper, who is arguably the weakest member power-wise, has a special ability which can beat the pants off people in one-to-one battles. Nico fits into this group of badasses easily.

    If Annabeth is the seventh demigod, she'll need to receive a power boost through the Mark of Athena, I think. Minerva is an extremely potent Roman goddess, so it can't be too much of a problem.

    I want to write PJO fanfiction, tbh. Son of Neptune did a great deal to bolster the fandom, actually. What PJO lacked before was something like Hogwarts or Diagon Alley, which contains a community and a future for retired badasses. Riordan deftly rectified that problem with Camp Jupiter, which should give PJO fanfiction some much needed juice. Moreover, Heroes of Olympus introduced a strong supporting cast, and pairings which aren't Percy-related. PJO was great before, but the new, fleshed-out characters (Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel) really help.
    Applejack is cool because she's usually quite reliable. Her mental breakdown (damn, that workaholic behaviour) was tame compared to Fluttershy's issues and Pinkie Pie's "friends".

    Twilight hit a new level of creepy there. Equestria Daily provides some suitable music. The best part is that none of us were surprised when Twilight lost it. We all knew that Twilight Sparkle was just as crazy as the rest of them. =3

    Athena is extremely awesome; she ensured that the Greeks won the Trojan War. Plus her actions in the Odyssey to help Odysseus against the wrathful Poseidon were sweet. To be honest, she's usually so resourceful that it was nice to see her portrayed in a semi-antagonistic light. She is bound to dislike any child of Poseidon because of the Athens thing and the whole spat over Odysseus. If Annabeth had dated a child of Apollo, I doubt Athena would have had any problems. =3

    I don't Artemis as much as Athena because her tendency to turn men into animals. xD Her relationship with the hunter Orion is very interesting, though. If Artemis wasn't so man-hating, I'd like her more. XD

    Riordan was very sneaky with announcing the third book. He didn't include a date or title in the backs of any books. He also didn't have a press conference. However, he did do this.

    The title makes me shiver. It really does. Now I wonder if Annabeth, instead of Nico, is the Seventh Half-blood.
    I know what you mean. Annabeth was interesting. To be fair, I found the lack of Annabeth in the new series a breath of fresh air. It allowed new characters to blossom and new relationships to take centre stage. And Annabeth is bound to be a main character in the third book, which will be called "The Mark of Athena". >.<;;;

    Artemis is the best goddess? xD I like Athena and Hera more. However, the latter has to be channeling her Juno, or else she's not as fun. :3

    Ahahaha, that moment was Mars Crowning Moment of Funny. Son of Neptune really did a lot to make me like Ares/Mars. Before, I didn't really like the guy, but now I do. Oh, man. =3

    What about Big Macintosh and his relationship to the doll? Or Twilight appearing out of the beach ball? "HI, GIRRRRRLS!"
    MLP is full of madness. To quote the (newly crowned) Queen of Crazy herself, "all the ponies are crazy!" lol, we knew in Season 1 that Twilight has a complex when it comes to Celestia (the episode with the Parasprites), but to see it in action...

    Hehehe, Hephaestrus and Aphrodite definitely have their problems. But Leo and Piper are definitely not their parents (especially in the latter's case), and they actually have a long friendship. I like the pairing, although Hazel/Leo can work too. However, I prefer Hazel with Frank.

    Percabeth all the way, mate. =) To be fair, Annabeth didn't appear in the second book (aside from Percy's memories), and her small appearance in Lost Hero wasn't that terrible. I could understand why she didn't trust Jason. Moreover, she didn't choose to rescue Hera with Jason/Piper/Leo? Good for her! It's not like Hera is going to win Mother of the Year. xD
    Yay, another person who likes Nico di Angelo. I swear, he has to be the coolest fourteen year-old I've seen in a long time. I really like his character progression. From excitable kid, to bitter boy, and then lone hero. Even though he didn't appear a whole lot in Son of Neptune, we did discover a lot about him. His relationship with Hazel (and his relationship with Bianca) is wonderfully layered.

    Leo is awesomeness. I love that he signed his letter using the term "demigodness". xD To be honest, I actually like Piper more when she has her spats with Leo. She annoys me when she pins over Jason with angst. Leo/Piper for the win!

    Terminus was fun, but the best minor character in Son of Neptune (excluding Nico and Reyna) would be Arion the Horse. Kekekeke. Hazel: Run like the wind! Percy: Where did this horse learn to swear like that? Frank: I'm going to DIE!

    Reyna is cool; it's nice to see a female authority figure who is neither a complete ***** nor a Mary-Sue. She has her flaws (initial dislike towards Percy, can be too strict with rules), but isn't a ***** either.

    Tyson/Ella is sweet. The Harpy needed some love, especially after her hilarious recital of facts. "Friends went for ten seasons", indeed. I loved the entire book to bits. Great male characters, great female characters...

    Oh yes. I recant my previous statement that Twilight is the only sane pony. Her facial expressions make Pinkie Pie look in Party of One seem normal. xP
    I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! *cue Alice in Wonderland music*

    Sorry about the ultra-late reply; I only just got back onto SPP. I've been busy with real life stuff and the shenanigans from a HP forum. SPP always pulls me back, though. It has a nice community of (polite) people. XD

    Yes, you're a PJO fan! Holler it, bro! I'm a massive PJO fan and have finished reading Son of Neptune. Holy ****, it's good. Even better than Last Olympian. 8D

    Percy is awesome (sorry, but as cool as Jason was, Percy nails him to the floor), Frank was sweet, and Hazel was fantastic. Octavian and the Praetor Reyna were also groovy. I love how Riordan is good at crafting female characters, especially in this book. Silver could take a lesson from him, lol.

    What was your favourite scene in the book?

    We really need to stay in contact more often, lol. Do you know how hard it is to find somebody who is a Brony, likes PJO, Pokemon, and doesn't creep me out? xP
    Uh, so...I'm not sure if you tried to write a review for the latest chapter, but if you did, it didn't post. Sometimes the forum decides you're taking too long and eats your review. Or maybe you forgot? It's no big deal. (How many fics do you have active right now?)
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