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May 21, 2014
May 24, 2006
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Aug 30, 1990 (Age: 29)
A therapist's Sofa

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Renegade, 29, from A therapist's Sofa

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May 21, 2014
    1. SilentMemento
      Some dragons are cool. Others just look cartoonish. I love the cool ones, but the others just ruin it for me.

      Yeah, ice sucks as a defensive type (unless it's Regice or has a water-type as well).

      I love that music. In my opinion, the Regis remix is awesome as well; I love those guys so much - except Regigigas; he has the absolute worst ability possible, except for, maybe Defeatist.

      I just read your fic. I feel for her, but I feel so much more sorry for the poor orderly. He was just trying to do the right thing...and what about her mother? How is she going to feel about knowing that her daughter's become a monster?

      "Um, excuse me: I speak jive." XD Airplane! was one of the best humor movies ever. That's why I can't understand why people say that the Hangover was funny.
    2. Breezy
      I'm trying to piece together what comment goes with your shower line, but I'm not sure what. I mean, everything we talk about is sexy **** and all. Haha. I am basking in the sweet stink of washing my car and running today, so I should prolly do that showering thang.

      Bahaha I loved that they made Ross's multiple marriages a running joke. The off-on plotlines were nice laid out; the entire show wasn't entirely wrapped up around their relationship but it was still important enough to be significant. They really did handle their relationship/timing of their relationship (or lack there of) really, really well now that I think about it. Aw, Mike/Phoebe is <3. Also love how they first met. XP

      Who says I haven't? ;) Bahaha.

      Yeah, I'm the same as you ... er talking to the same gender anyway. Like I get annoyed faster with girls than with guys. Dunno why. Guess like you said maybe it is the balance of the more talkative girls and the less talkative guys? =P Should prolly know this stuff but meh.
    3. SilentMemento
      That happens with any game that has a checkpoint system. But Brutes do piss me off; they don't have the evasive ability of an Elite, but I hate their high health.

      That's why I don't like fighting games. Some characters are too simple, others are too complicated. ...And what's with fighter games and naming characters "Ryu?" O.o

      I have a perfect example: a guy who never played Halo: Reach got a Scorpion, and killed me twenty-five times in a row and won the game. I hated that so much. At least he's my friend; if it was someone I disliked who did that, I would have actually gotten upset.

      I catch Pokemon for their design, not their strength. I use Garchomp and Salamence because I actually like them, not because they're strong. I don't use legendaries, though.

      Thank the Wiki; that's how I knew that all of the Survivors were carriers.

      Oh my gosh, you have a Left 4 Dead fic?! You never see any of those. That's cool.

      Now I have to disagree; Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the best film ever. Of all time.
    4. SilentMemento
      Huh. Why not just restart the level? Or does that deactivate the achievement?

      I'd probably suck at multiplayer then; I like to work things out for myself and do my own thing. And I never, ever use a tank or any other vehicle that's a complete game-changer. I love using them in the campaign, but using them in the multiplayer's just cheap.

      Yep. Left 4 Dead has an airborne pathogen that's pretty much rabies for humans. The people that are "immune" to the disease happen to be carriers.

      Shaun of the Dead is freaking hysterical. It's one of the few humor movies that I'd actually buy instead of rent. XD
    5. Breezy
      Except cats. Cats are kind of creepy with no fur. D:

      I know right? I wish more girls talked more about girls and complimented them rather than getting beeyotchy about it and trying to bite each other's heads off. Can't we all get along? ;-; Was gonna say kiss and make up but eeehhhhhh lulz. And me neither, though dunno if I could get date a girl. Think I get irritated too fast, and I usually fare better talking with guys.

      I thiiiiink I remember that one, but it's been a while. Though it sounds funny. XP How did you like Ross and Rachel anyway? I remember that weird Rachel and Joey plot line and was like D: about it. Always liked Monica and Chandler too. They work well together.

      The nineties were awesome, but it looked like everyone could use a good, long shower in it. XP
    6. SilentMemento
      The campaign and Firefight are enough to play this game. Seriously. It's got an awesome story. It's got awesome characters. Firefight is the best thing since sliced bread. And did I mention that Emile is a total badass?

      Multiplayer sucks, I'll admit.

      Biting isn't the only way for a zombie apocalypse could happen; a virus that turns people into zombies could spread through the air. And in places like Haiti, there actually are zombies - or, at least, people in a zombified state.

      Still, you're right; it's unlikely to happen. It just makes for good conversation. :)
    7. SilentMemento
      Unfortunately, that makes it easy for the zombies, not the player.

      I thought that Halo: Reach was the best one yet. Emile, in particular, is badass enough to go toe to toe with anyone. Just my opinion.


      Seriously, though, I don't want the zombies to win. I'm on humanity's side; if I was supporting the zombies, I wouldn't be able to type on a computer, much less hold a conversation that had any legible words. I'm just pointing out my theory on how zombies could "survive" in heat and cold. Of course, you're right; bacteria will kill them all eventually, no matter what environment they live in.
    8. SilentMemento
      Shoot. If the mystery box and pack-a-punch roam around a huge map infested with zombies, how is anyone supposed to survive?

      Nu-uh. My theory about zombies is that they adapt to the environment they live in. If there were humans in the Middle East, there would be zombies in the Middle East as well. So, you'd still have zombies in Britain (even though that sucks; Britain and the countries that form her empire are awesome). And buzzards are cowardly at heart; if the zombies moved, they wouldn't go near them.

      They ought to move both of the first two Halo titles onto the 360 as well; they're what made the Xbox what it is today.
    9. SilentMemento
      Seriously? They've got a new one out? ...What was wrong with Richtofen? :(

      Zombie apocalypse plan is easy for me: bike to National Guard outpost, kill all zombies there, join up with survivors if any, hoard weapons, steal a ship, cruise down Mississippi faster than Huckleberry Finn, sail to Antarctica where zombies will freeze to death, and find a base. That way, I'm pretty much guaranteed to survive; those things last for years. Space would be another option, but I don't know how to pilot a shuttle.

      I've never played Resident Evil...I know that it's the biggest zombie game of all time, but they're not really pure survival horror anymore; it's more of an action title nowadays. I'd still love to play the original, though.
    10. Breezy
      Sorry. =( Literally, my entire weekend was busy; I only had a few hours sleep. I sigh! But at least I get a small break to catch up and relax for a bit.

      Why, you stare at it, press a button and either cuss and rapidly hit ctrl-z to fix it or gasp in joy at the result!

      I actually never looked at her ass. Her tittays always distracted me more because they were always so ... well, I figure you know. (Haha, that reminds me. Do you get weirded out that I talk about this stuff? I know my other guy friends are put off that a girl is talking about and actually complimenting another girl's finer features. Also I wonder what people think if they're reading our convos. XP) The nineties quality kind of makes me laugh, along with their appearance, especially Ross. That effin' haircut he had back then just screams nineties.

      What good luck for both of us then. ;P Do you like your nails nude or painted?
    11. SilentMemento
      Sorry; I just love zombie apocalypse fics/movies/video games. Dead Space (although it's technically a survival horror game, it still has zombie-like creatures), Left 4 Dead, Dawn of the Dead, etc. In fact, all games could take a hint from zombies. That's where you separate the badass characters from the truly badass characters. Not everyone can survive repeated zombie attacks from all sides.

      Either way, that's a really cool idea you have going.
    12. Breezy
      My hands are quite voluptuous. ;) lolwut.

      Not even GIMP? GIMP is free and is like paintshop ... sort of. There's at least more fun stuff to play with than just MS Paint. =P

      I find that I like earlier Friends than later Friends. I think earlier Friends Rachel was cuter, though I did think she was prettiest at the end season too. So vain, I know. I base my liking of a season by appearance, haha. I do like all the eps though; it's good, mindless television.

      I see. Too much love ball thinkin' I bet. ;P

      Hope LoZ went well, lulz.

      Oh, and sorry for the late VM. Busy weekend. ;-;
    13. SilentMemento
      Sweet. I think I'm already starting to like the drones; they might have some comedic value. Sentinels and Royal Guards probably are badass.

      Hive based...is there a Hive Mind, then?

      Masters, huh? I wonder what his first name is? See, you've got me totally into your fic, and you haven't even posted it. :)
    14. SilentMemento
      Okay. Thank you for explaining.

      I'd take any Pokemon that looked cool, even if they didn't have much competitive value. I guess I'm weird...

      Oh, man, I love zombie apocalypse fics! What do the zombies in your fic look like? I'd definitely read it if you posted it. 8D
    15. SilentMemento
      Okay. Now I understand Blaziken. But this video also said that Excadrill and Reuniclus had votes to be banned. That's just weird...

      Yeah. Zombie Pokemon for the win!

      I'm okay with the designs of the most of the starters (Torterra and Emboar being the exceptions). Swampert, Sceptile, and Serperior are probably my favorites, though.

      Well, people should have already known that Hoenn had the best starters; Swampert's such a huge asset in the standard tier, and Sceptile was considered one of the best grass types.
    16. SilentMemento
      Yeah, but if you have something speedy like, for example, a Krookodile, Moxie helps a lot. EQ + Stone Edge + Crunch + Moxie = win.

      That does sound pretty funny...and you just gave me a plot bunny. -_-

      Samurott could have had a better design for its final form, but I'm okay with it. I hate Emboar to hell; they could have made something a lot better looking (and with better stats) than that. It's slower than Torterra, doesn't have an original typing, and it has no real defense. It's totally useless, in my opinion, and it definitely eclipses Torterra as my least favorite starter of all time. Serperior, on the other hand... 8D

      Blaziken's uber? Why? I understand Garchomp and Salamence. I'd understand Hydreigon (I think that guy will become uber eventually). I even understand Wobbuffet and Wynaut. But Blaziken?
    17. SilentMemento
      The sad thing is that Mightyena is much better than Liepard (at least it now has Moxie to make up for its average-at-best attack). Still, the defenses of both of them are poor, so you're probably right about both of them being horrible.

      I loved the desert area as well. I got myself a Sigilyph (for HM purposes and for Flash), a Sandile (I love those things so much; they're my favorite B/W Pokemon), a Scraggy (probably my favorite fighting-type in B/W due to Moxie and high defenses), and a Yamask (because I'm a huge fan of ghost-types). The others never really interested me; I always chose Snivy, so a grass-type wasn't really necessary.

      Yeah...I have a laptop, so that's probably why I can't use wi-fi. That and the fact that I just love to play the games, not compete against others.

      Meloetta looks good, but I'd prefer something like Darkrai; I've got a soft spot for him.

      What? There were people who didn't like FR/LG?! :'( I loved those games...
    18. SilentMemento
      In the first gym, they give you your starter, a monkey, Lillipup (I hate its design), Purrloin (even though I like it and Liepard, they don't have much going for them), and Patrat (has both of the negative qualities of Lillipup and Purrloin) as options. I wanted to trade over a Sandile or a Rufflet, but I couldn't. Instead, I just used my Snivy as my only Pokemon until I could get a Drilbur later on.

      I don't really use wi-fi, so...yeah, I wish that the developers make it easier to obtain both of them.

      I bred my Weavile in Pearl with a Weavile who already knew Ice Punch via Platinum tutor. Otherwise, I have no idea how to get Ice Punch on a Weavile. Sorry.

      It's mostly set in that area, but Viridian, Cerulean, Vermillion, and Three Isle (remember the Hypno there?) are some of the places that my fic shows as well.
    19. SilentMemento
      Zoroark's awesome, but I can't get it because I couldn't go to an event. I hope that when they come out with the newest Pokemon game (with Kyurem as the main legend) they make Zoroark and Zorua easier to obtain. Maybe the girl in the Dreamyard gives you a Zorua instead of a monkey that you could obtain in Pinwheel Forest. It was maddening to find out that trading was impossible until after you beat the first gym. In fact, the whole style practically forces you to use a monkey, and I don't really want to use any of them (even though I like Simipour's design).

      I bred myself a Weavile with Ice Punch, but you're right; there's no reason why Sneasel shouldn't learn Ice Punch naturally. I guess that's another oversight of the game developers.

      You've got me there; the west side of Kanto's not much to look at. But calling the entire region "the boonies" shows that the rival doesn't know much about Kanto as a whole. Still, compared to Unova, maybe Kanto is a backwater region.

      Thank you. That's exactly what I wanted to go for when I wrote that fic. ^_^
    20. SilentMemento
      It sucks that the Poketransfer won't do that. It sucks even more that they didn't bring back Dark Pulse as a TM even though all of the newer TMs pretty much stink to high heaven. I mean, Struggle Bug? Incinerate? Really?

      Kanto's not exactly backwater; Saffron and Celadon are huge cities compared to most. I think that Johto and Sinnoh are probably tied for the most "backwater" when it comes to having large cities, but I can't even agree with that. They like tradition, but it doesn't normally come at the cost of technology.

      Your story and mine are pretty similar in the psychic's goals. In my fic, two Kadabra siblings are furious that their Abra kin are being poached from the wild in order to be sold as prizes for the Game Corner (remember how people could buy an Abra for a miniscule amount in the older games? That's my inspiration for that story.), and they want it to stop.

      Psyche Zenobia is a freaking awesome name, but I've never read that story...
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