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  • Heeey. The first (rough) chapter will be finished in approx an hour and a half. Can you spare a minute or two to read?
    Yeah, Looker. I'm glad that you liked him in Chapter Three. To be honest, I was a little afraid how people, including you, were going to react when reacting that chapter. It was definitely difficult to write.
    I'm glad that you like my rendition of the NPCs. I was a little scared about them, to be honest.

    The one thing that was good about Chapter Three was that the character who entered Black and Cynthia's conversation wasn't a NPC, but a properly fleshed character from canon. It gave me more material to work with. =O

    It would be good if you try and use stuff like Youtube Poop (which gets epically trippy) to see what the limits of sanity could look like.

    And we're talking about Darkrai here, too, so this will get trippy. Also, I assume you're trying to say that there will be a scene where Barry rapes Dawn? EPIC
    Oh. I thought it was going to be a repeat of Skogskra, except with it being a little girl being made love to by a territorial demon.

    Also, on the video, it's Youtube Poop. You have to adjust your mind to its absurdity. You could even use some as inspiration for the mind****ing Darkrai gives Dawn. (ie; this and this)
    Even at 4am? Even at never o'clock?

    Ah, crap. I just remembered I got a bunch of PMs that I need to respond to. ;-; I'll look over your one-shot asap.

    I've been meaning to, but he keeps posting chapters. ;-; I thought he said once a week but there have been, like, 3 chapters in a few days. What is this?
    I am Jellicient.

    I KNOW, I HEARD YOUR BRITISHNESS AND WAS LIKE "WAAAHHH." Crumpets and tea make for a good dinner? The more you know.

    *backs away* <.< >.> Nah, I'll look at it if you want me too. I'm also way too lazy to do the reviewing challenge anyway, but I manage to review two things. That's two more reviews than last month! Been meaning to read Draco's story since there's a part advertisement for Lull in it buuuut ... yeah, lazy.

    Bahaha, that picture. Poor Kris. :( And that whimsicott is so loveable and squishable and is just asking for a huggle. =3
    Literally watched that scene as I was reviewing.

    It's pretty awesome that you caught it :p
    Well, after the reruns of Friends had finished, I had to find somewhere else to get my sitcom fix. Everybody Loves Raymond was good, but more of my mum's gig, while there weren't enough Fawlty Towers episodes to work with; the series was too short. Moreover, I had watched Cheers/Frasier to death, Two and a Half Men didn't appeal to me, and Will & Grace seemed too "gay" for me (not because the characters are gay, but because they are ridiculously flamboyant without enough foils to balance them out).

    However, the Big Bang Theory has really caught my eye lately. The sheer awesomeness generated between dialogue of the Sheldon/Penny/Leonard trifecta blows my mind. The recent addition of Amy only makes that trifecta's interactions funnier. =D

    Anyway, that's how I caught your reference; I watch too much t.v.

    Question about UtSS: what did you think about Susan and Matt, my supposed OCs? Although the former is an NPC from the Riches family and the latter is one of the Undella Bay swimmers, they were both practically blank slates. The personalities/characters I inserted were my own creation. What did you think of them? Decent? Contributing to the fic? Annoying?
    Ah yeah, I tried the demo myself - the opponents there are pretty easy in that version. XD

    And I shall! I might even learn it on the keyboard too only because that's an instrument I alreeady kinda know how to play. =p
    OoT is certainly a worthy remake to have. And in Australia we got an Ocarina as a preorder bonus! And to boot I ended up with a bonus poster because the shop people decided to randomly give it to me, heh.

    And the button shortcut thing actually works in two ways - the 'elite' version of button combinations with the touch screen orwhateveriscalled doesn't have any shortcuts to the ultras or supers but rather just minor combo moves. But yeah, Guile is pretty good. XD
    I've got Street Fighter 4 for the 3DS, although I haven't played that recently (OoT, Uni exams and road trips being my excuses =p). I used to play one of the older ones ages back as well. Can't say I have any other fighting games though besides Brawl.
    Clearly. They're funny but don't mean to be .. I think. haha.

    Lol, wtf did I just watch on youtube? XP

    DIDDY used Soak!

    BREEZY turned into the Water Type!
    ;-; Harassment.

    Lol whatever happened to our review challenge?
    Fair enough I suppose - I often have stuff stuck in my head as well at times when trying to think of other things, heh. Street Fighter is not a bad thing to have in the background of one's mind after all too!
    I choo-choo-choose you! (Love that The Simpsons ep, lol).

    All I can think about is that one Futurama ep with the Beastie Boys in it. "Impressive. They're laying down mad rhymes with an 80% success rate." "I believe that qualifies as ill, at least from a technical standpoint"

    Ooh that sounds cute. Should make for an interesting story. WHEN ARE YOU EVER GONNA POST THIS STUFF?

    Yes, Hibiki as a name rocks. It rolls off the tongue nicely.

    DIDDY used Spider Web!

    BREEZY cannot escape!
    ... ew. :mad:
    I hope you don't mind me saying, Jax, but you watch some crazy ****.
    This should probably explain a lot. ;D
    Inspirational return? All I've done is start a new Pokemon story, finish it, and attempt to post it. It was the least I could do, after all the stories I abandoned in SPPf. =P

    Tell me what you think about the snippet later. I hope you like it.
    Needs more Mean Look/threats for response.



    Oh yeah, Cynthia is interesting in Black/White; it's kinda nice to see her act girly for once. And you don't need help, you're just a boy. Falkner and Janine meet in the department store? Is this in game or just a random idea you came up with?

    That happens to me, too. I get tons of ideas when I'm busy irl, but when I have nothing to do, no ideas/don't wanna write. :<

    Sweet. There definitely needs to be more Ethan fics. It's too bad I find him and Lyra absolutely boring to write.
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