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  • Btw, I totally utilised that ship-tease swimsuit quote. I posted a snippet featuring the quote in my main thread, just for you. =P
    Lol, I've been around, just been lazy to respond for some reason. Only been idly checking in and dropping post count responses when I could. Also been trying to write again, which is good considering it takes me a few months to recover from writing after finishing a chapter story.

    How are you? How are banners? How are story?
    25,000 words is too long for a one-shot. I'm planning to split it up into five chapters, and call it a novella. =P

    And I did use the swimsuit thing. How couldn't I? The main character is going to Undella Town, not Snowpoint. =D
    Hey, thanks for the response. Thankfully what you've said doesn't directly contradict what I've written so far, meaning that my Cynthia (or as you've called her, Shirona) is not OOC. xP.

    The story is nearly complete, btw. 23,000 words done and another 2000 to go, baby. I'll probably need to make it a three-shot, or something. xD

    I even dumped the working title, "Uno", for a much better and proper title: "Under the Same Sky". It comes from one of my favourite Confucian proverbs: "You cannot live under the same sky as your father's murderer". =D

    Hope you read it when it comes out. I was thinking about you when I wrote parts of it; I had to, considering you were one of the few people who consistently followed Similar Opposites. xP
    Okay, this is a rather random VM (well, duh, DM), but I wanted some help with "Uno", which is now, incidentally, no longer a one-shot but a semi-chaptered fic called "Under the Same Sky". xD

    I have to map out, or at least allude to, parts of Cynthia's backstory. Judging from your fics, you seem to have an interest in E4/GL members. I was wondering what you could tell me about Cynthia. What do you know about her, and what kind of a childhood do you think she had?

    Cheers, and thanks for the help.
    Exciting. Is this one gonna have a neat background with a unicorn in it?

    Review-y thang sounds good. So wanna make it whoever makes the most review in a month or wanna have a cap to race to?

    Darn. The beard thing kinda made it into "whoa" territory. XP Guess it being in farmland makes some sense. Less chance to get a decent pokemon, I suppose. =P
    Ooh, whimsicott. That's a cute, neat little pokemon. =3 Hope you draw it!

    Interesting name. What does it mean? And feel free to bug me about how to upload on ff.net if you get confused. =P

    Of course, in a little baggy at all times. You wanna keep it between us or should we attention ***** make a thread and see if anyone else wants to compete?

    Sounds like an interesting setup, though I giggled probably unnecessarily so at the "beard" part. Do you mean facial hair beard or "coverup for your sexual orientation" beard? Though I don't get how sending him over to Pallet Town would stop him training pokemon (wouldn't him being out of their sight give him more leeway?).
    The transfer over came out really well, then; the face lines look really good. Can't look away from its eyes. @_@ Looks like you went a long, long way from going "LOL I WON'T USE GIMP" to now. ;P But yeah, it's definitely pretty. Make moar, I demand.

    Yeah, it's nice when you're craving a certain character, you just gotta hope someone wrote for it. =P Plus filtering kind of gets rid of the self-insert journey fics, ha. =P Now make an account. I dare you.

    Bring it, beeyotch. We could set something up for July or just make it between us, baby. ;)

    Of course, attracted to a character who drinks a ton of tea, haha. You have to be the **** to be called Mr. Pokemon. Or really, really, odd. Or both. I feel like he grew up with Professor Oak or is at least close friends with him. I think they're the same age, dunno.
    Gah. Been insanely busy this past week. x_X Found some free time to respond to VMs, but I really feel like reviewing. I bet when I come back, I won't wanna review anymore. Responding from recent to past!

    Amg, that Froslass picture is so pretty. =D I like the facial expression you gave it; it fits that pokemon perfectly. Was this pic for fun or is it for something?

    VM # 2!: Yeah, you should definitely do that. That's one of my biggest fears, somehow losing everything because my comp is dumb, and dropbox somehow fails me, and ff.net and SPPf both crash. It's silly.

    "Pedestal" is a great, solid fic. It's funny but it definitely has its darker moments. I would give it a try if you ever have the chance or want something long to read. =P

    I remember that challenge. We should set one up assuming that the review exchange doesn't kick up, and even then, that's an entirely different thing. And please. PLEASE.

    VM #3!: *nods* Yes, half-naked chick works, yes. And happy one month adventure, Diddy's fic world!

    And ahh, sounds neat-o. I'm intrigued by your backstory for Mr. Pokemon; he's such a weird character but you never really hear about him.
    Hahaha, maybe.

    I'll probably work on it after I finish my current Pokemon one-shot, starring the wonderful Cynthia. I'll post it today, so maybe.
    Although I do enjoy that as soon as I go on a mini-vacation, the forum explodes with activity. Can't be halfassed to edit my last comment to slip this one in.
    Although I would hardly say that it's Breezy herself that's the epicentre of all of the ideas
    No, I AM.



    Will respond to your longass rambles soon, or perhaps tomorrow when I'm not hungry and tired from driving five hours.
    Second Vm for your first Vm (I probably should have reversed it but MEH!)

    Ff.net is confusing; the new setup now is a little cleaner but its still overall confusing for newbies. I do like their filtering system, though, especially since there are so many characters in pokemon. Ff.net isn't entirely terrible though. Yeah, there are tons of bad writers that give ff.net a bad rep, but there are probably more well-written authors there than any other site. You just gotta know where to dig. =P

    Think I jumped into posting right away, got quickly acquainted with the fanfiction section (my fic was plagiarized here which is how I discovered SPPf actually), and here I still am, old farty veteran. =P

    We should do a review challenge against each other or something just to keep ourselves entertain. Or maybe I'll set up a reviewing challenge for the entire forum for July or something. We have been lacking lately.
    (Unova would make for neat bridge blowing up ideas. =P) Your story idea sounds interesting; past Johto, or any region really, isn't written about a lot. Well, actually, it's either really far into the past with war and all that stuff or too far into the future. So the pokeball is an important part of your story?

    Just have a naked chick run through the first chapter to stir things up. Nah, I kid. maybe. Kinda. I don't know. =P

    My browser cut off nicely so the first thing I read while scrolling up to your message was "screw Professor Juniper" and I was like, "Whaaat?"
    That sucks. :( Never posted it anywhere, like ff.net? Your old journey idea sounds like a nice one, especially since a lot of "first time" journey writers end up just having self-inserts running around and collecting badges while fighting Team Magikarp or whateva.

    Professor Oak always seems to get the blunt end of the crackfic stick. XP He is one step shy from being a complete nutter butter, I suppose.

    It's really, really fascinating/cringeworthy to go back and read your old posts. I think when I was 15, I abused the ^____^ face too much. T'was interesting to compare reviewing style from now and back then. (Which reminds me I should get back to reviewing ...)

    So your story is based off that Hemingway novel or just its title worked well with your story? I'd love you if you put a twist on his writing style; Hemingway is one of my favorite writers style-wise. And I do love me some Morty. I think it might be because I saw a picture of a cosplayer who went as Morty, and it was ridiculously accurate AND he was a hottie and I was like, "Omg I love this man." Sigh.

    Eh, as long as it's interesting to read and seems to have relevance, I don't think it's a problem. Just remember you don't have to describe every single detail to its finest pore.

    Ooh, movie references. That's a running motif?
    Was it really that bad? I really don't remember. D: Maybe you could rewrite it (or was it the plot that made you all fake teary on me?).

    Ah, two years ago was fabulous drama. ;P But we grow from it as writers ... and as people. /end sappy. But really, it's nice to keep your old work around just to see how much you've improved as a writer. I kind of wish I kept old copies of HLBMA around before I revamped it just to see how much it has changed. Also holy ****, we've been on SPPf way too long. ;-; Think I hit my seventh year here. Amg.

    Oh yeah, I saw the banner for that story and thought it was pretty and was wondering "Whar fic whar?" Is this a different story from the one you've been rambling on about for the past few VMs? =P Or is it the same? Though yeah, you should get back to that Eusine/Morty story for the sake that Morty is a hawtie (for a character and all).

    You like writing battles huh (I typed battling writers at first)? I am jelly. Too describey? How's that work? Like prologue description?

    Diddy used Fake Tears.

    Breezy's Sp. Def sharply fell!
    I lol'd.
    Ha, sorry. Just remembered the Moo Moo Farm. =P Your original concept sounds interesting; you never finished it? Eusine and Morty really do need more love. Kinda wonder why he would need to break it to take pictures of a book though ...

    I can't really recall the specifics but it wasn't that bad, Dids. =P Definitely could tell you half-assed it though. =X

    Really? D:
    I AM LATE.

    Moo Moo Farm. You really like Moo Moo Farm don't you (you wrote a one-shot for the HGSS contest with it as a setting, right)? Farming village sounds good, though. Glad you created a new character arc, though, and one that sounds like you're excited about. Everyone loves character development!

    Brain juice, yum.

    Not a zombie.

    Just a lapras.
    No prob to the late response. Not like I haven't done it to you a jillion times, haha.

    Glad you liked the epilogue. Yeah, the problem with some "far away future" epilogues is sometimes they feel lacking; I figure some people use them as a gimmick of sorts if they don't know how to end the story and just throw characters into an adult form of the character(s) and tack on some child spawn and call it a day. At the same time, you don't want to get too far in it and detail everything; you still want to entice your reader's imagination so they can think of their own little plots and character development and whatnot. Ending of HP7 was kind of just ... bleh to me, too. It was nice to see everyone situated and together and there was some semblance of normalcy, but it felt overall lacking. I know when writing Lull's ending, I wanted to make sure that every important character had a history but still has an unknown future ahead ... if that makes sense.

    Whee ramble!

    I probably should have known you'd have one of those aprons, haha.

    Oh, those chapters. I like to call them "point B" chapters where you have interesting point A and want to get to interesting point C but are still stuck with boring point B in the middle. I hate writing that stuff, too. =P I think as long as there's some sort of development you should be okay, even if it's just character development. Rambly nonsense can be fascinated to read after all.
    Wow! The coloring looks nice! =D It'll look epic with the shadows and stuff. And you should totally do a background. It'll look good with one.

    Very true. Taking things step-by-step is a good recipe ... for life. *shot* Yeah, being a chef sounds hard, all the time constraints and recipes to remember.

    Is your apron pink? =D
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