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  • Yeah. ^^ Very simplified. Although, now we have a loose Groudon and it'd be rather interesting to see what happens now he's out and about.

    Geez, it's nearly 3am and I'm not tired. Bwaaargh.
    Absolutely. And then the internet would be flooded with Porn Trolls with these aliens...

    And then we would all facepalm or tentaclepalm, in unison.

    And then I don't know what would happen. :p

    And thankyou. ^^ I sorta wanted to ask the question, what would happen if a kid really DID end up in that situation? It doesn't have to be a Mary Sue. Just a combination of events, people not taking Team Magma seriously, other, more capable trainers not doing anything because it's 'not their problem'. And ultimately this little kid winds up in the middle of it.
    They're all war minded. o__o Is there no such thing as innocent Aliens? Harmless little visitors or strays like E.T.?

    I do imagine however, if humans were faced with a real alien on its own, without its alien technology, then I guess they'd be a little 'friendlier'. >>
    Hell yeah - I'd be like Invader Zim except actually dangerous. Heh. :p

    Unfortunately, there are international laws against alien invaders. And the position of Dalai Lama is already taken.

    ... I have to consider this.
    Psychology is awesome, if for the only reason that it makes people make sense. When people often don't.

    Pair that with Philosophy and I think we've got ourselves a dangerous mix. :p
    Oh, mothers can be so helpful at times, can't they? :p

    And I hope so. D: Although apparently you still have to do several subjects within the one degree. I'll be doing Psychology, Philosophy, Chinese and Linguistics under my Art's degree. So I'll be... busy. O___o"

    And I have hopefuly a new fic piece posted as of five minutes ago. ^^ Hopefully it's there; Serebii's crashing on me again, so I don't know if it actually made it.
    Aww. T_T It's good to know that the fic is loved to some degree. It's still THERE when I click on the Links, and when I run a search for my name, it still turns up - but I can't... post in it. O__o So I guess it died.

    Schoolwork attacked me. DDDD: Halfway through the year, I'm enjoying year twelve, the work's hard, but fun - and suddenly - WHAMMO. Clipped with far too many, far too big and far too fast. I GOT SWAMPED. I swear they do this on purpose! X___x Anyways, now that's all over I have to wait for state results to come back and for Uni acceptances (or not) to flow through.

    Sucks about your head. o__o Walking into doors is not good for your health, y'know?
    Indeed I do - but at least it's tasty, especially when served with cheese and pepper on top, and with a side of potatoes =P
    x_x It only happened the once. Psh.

    My personal best ever (I usually go around a couple times a year) is 146. Funny though, after I did that a guy next to me bowled a perfect game. That was awesome.
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