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  • uhm... hello, I read what you posted, and you're very right, but I really like writing that way... maybe i can change the things that are wrong with the fic, and the mods will let me keep it written in that form ?
    Same here. Mine and Porygon's experiments died, though, so it'll take a while longer.

    Yes I do. :)
    Of course you accepted it. My amazing powers made it so.

    Your crazy smile isn't as crazy as mine. XD See? Much crazier.
    I see. Out here, everyone is very obsessive with Scrubs, which I'd guess then, is like a more comedic version of House, and House is more comedic than All Saints. Yes?

    It perhaps pays that I do not watch those shoes, especially the latter two; my mum's a nurse. XDDD" She's good at pointing out all the medical mistakes in the show. I seem to remember one episode of All Saints, quite long ago, where mum went into fits over the improper application of a oxygen mask, not to mention dodgy time of death calls. >___>

    But what's the point of telling the truth, when you want doctor A to get with doctor B, and you're really only after making a melodrama. ^^" Although this is mostly applicable to All Saints. House seems the less serious of the two, and Scrubs is just for laughs anyway.

    Seriel, eh? I shall make do to check it out. X3
    Who is this Chase, of which you speak? o.o

    It might be worth noting, my attention to television is atrocious, and perhaps my only 'television' is Youtube, since my attention span does not seem to like working on watching a screen blankly for longer than eight minutes at a time.

    But oooh - one shot! ^^ One shots are good. Good for a short attention spanner person like myself. Might I trouble you for a link?
    Yes... you're right. ^^; Sure you bunch had your heads screwed on straight?

    Although I used to get into fist fights with a guy twice my size and weight because we thought it was 'fun'. Needless to say, I never came off the better, but I enjoyed it all the same. XD"

    Perhaps next week you'll try the ninja's life instead; although I'd advise none of you get ninja stars, for the sake of the emergency services. :p

    I hope you get better soon.
    Good to know. :p Bored has been the buzzword for me, for the last few days. People don't seem to realise just because you're busy, doesn't mean you're not bored. There's only so much essay writing one can do before it gets... well, boring.

    Anyway, how's the world treating you?
    No problem! :) Well, I've been doing heavy editing so it doesn't look too bad when I post it XD

    Yeah, EM1's fic is pretty damned cool ;)
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