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    Ladies love a man who can cook.
    Yes, this is very true. *nods frantically* Though I say it like I can cook ... >_> You know outside of boiling water and whatnot.

    Sounds exciting. Glad you figured some stuff out. Can't wait to see the new picture. =P
    Well, I guess if you're gonna have filler, at least you learn something from it? =P I tried making some food joke that had to do with "filling" you, but I failed and I realized it would have been lame no matter how awesome I am the joke was.

    Inorite? Once you learn stuff, banner making gets addicting.
    Glad you got your tea fix. =P Also found some of the good TMs, so I think I'm good. Kinda just wandering around in game now.

    Haha, your first pic was fun to look at. Your ninetales was pretty good for one minute. And can't fool me. Freaky cactus guy is Cacnea! Oh, and your tree looks like a penis. K, not really. Just wanted to say that. Also like your second pic. The pose is nice even if you did borrow it, haha.

    Good luck with GIMP. They probably have coloring tutorials out there. Once you figure out some of the tools, it really gets addicting. Banners galore! Yeah, if you know where a scanner is, I'd definitely use one for the sake of clarity (guess you could try clearing it up with GIMP's tools). Does your uni library have one?
    I really don't think that it's going to cost less than ten U.S. dollars. More like $39.99; all of the best-selling games cost around that when it comes to purchasing them. If they're used, it's something around $29.99. Yep; America is the most expensive country there is.

    That's probably why I didn't like that so much. I like to explore, but combat's still my type of style. When I did play Oblivion, I spent all my time in the gladiator arena. It just didn't feel easy to play.

    Exactly. I mean, it's fine when the characters aren't in an RPG, but even games like Halo: Reach and Saint's Row had customization options. There's no excuse, really.
    I really need to buy Mass Effect; I've only rented the games so far. Unfortunately, Blockbuster, the store where I rent all my games, is going under. Stupid economy.

    Hell, I just play Fable to be as evil as possible. Like you said, it's extremely fun, and there isn't anything else to do.

    I wanted to like Oblivion. The character features were awesome (even if some of the classes were much, much worse than others). But the combat just frustrated me. It's not what I'm used to. I like to use swords and things like that (probably why I loved Assassin's Creed so much), not snipe from afar all the time.

    Okay. I'll have to try out Dragon Age when I can get a video game.

    I loved the plot of some Final Fantasy games, but I didn't like the utter lack of customization.

    Yeah, I'm in it for the characters (preferably silent protagonists, so that I can imagine what they'd say instead of having them say it themselves).
    I totally forgot about the Mass Effect series. Sorry. I didn't know they were considered RPGs.

    Still, Fable has no replay value and Oblivion has poor battle sequences that drag the experience down (my honest opinion. I love the customization, but honestly...). I've not heard of Dragon Age: Origins, so I can't give an unbiased judgment on it. And between you and me, I don't like Final Fantasy much either (I'm just talking about the iconic status it managed to obtain). Like Fable, it has absolutely no replay value.

    Sorry for my lapse in brainpower. -_-
    Hm. Reshiram appeared in my first slot and was the first one sent out when I started to battle N, so I was wondering if you had to have it. Apparently not. =P Still weird that it forced itself to the front slot. Kinda made it a little more epic, I guess. =P

    Love that too. You can experiment around and not fear losing it or having to earn a jillion BP to get the same TM back.

    Hope you don't go into tea withdrawal. ;

    And that'd be awesome. Little neat panels/banners to go with each chapter is always a nice touch.
    Yeah. They're actually not too hard for my level 55s to get through; it's actually just a nuisance that one attack isn't sweeping out my opponents anymore. =P The higher levels will definitely make filling the pokedex easier for pokemon that need to evolve at least. I guess it makes sense that it has a high catch rate; the creators probably didn't want the player to spend too much time on it since that entire scene is like ... I don't even know, but it was long. Hmm ... I bet someone tried that already, going in without any balls (har har). I kind of wonder if one would magically appear in your inventory. I know the Team Plasma NPCs give you ultra balls if you talk to them, along with the teleport out, so I guess they tried to make it so there really was no reason for you to go out and buy one pokeball. Actually, question: I only had five pokemon on my team, so what's-his-face was already in my team to battle. Does it just appear in your team if you have six pokemon, or do you not use it in the battle against N?

    Think they made all those buyable TMs findable in the wilderness now. :( Or if anything sold in that Nine Mall thing. Not sure if the TMs changed post-N.

    I feel like you should be shaking a cane at me with that last statement. =P Though tea is a lot healthier than all that stuff, so it's good you're addicted to tea rather than energy drinks. That crap will give you a heartattack or something.

    That sucks. =( Make yo own!
    Never sitting on your laurels, eh? :p

    That's fine. Living away from home's rather expensive here as well.

    Unfortunately, there aren't any good RPGs on the Xbox, unless you count Final Fantasy.

    That'll be fun to see. :D
    Psh, you're just imagining it, I bet. =P He does seem like a suave character without even trying from what I've seen, though.

    I don't think it does. =( Still have a lot to explore though. The E4 bit was definitely a nice little twist on the usual formula though. Was the legendary suppose to be so easy to catch? I was, like, underwhelmed with that battle. It only took one ball, mang, one ball. The jump from the E4/N/Ghentis levels and afterward is kind of awkward. Everything jumped up like 10-12 levels.

    That's weird about the European version of DPPt. What did they replace it with? Is gambling frowned upon over there or something?

    I didn't know age was measured in cups of tea you drink a day. =P Is drinking a lot of tea over there a sign that you're old or something?

    You know what they say about guys that drink a lot of tea a day, right? ;) They probably pee a lot.

    Ah, always awesome when that happens, when dead plot bunnies become zombies and all that fun stuff. And badass chicks ftw.
    Congratulations. Wear that achievement proudly; you deserve it. :)

    Sweet! You have any roommates? If you do, make sure you screen them thoroughly. If they do something that really pisses you off, the whole thing won't work. I was with a horrible roommate, and he's pretty much the reason why I'm moving out.

    Nah. I'm a campaign guy through and through. Even when I had options to play on the multiplayer, I usually put it off so that I could beat the whole campaign. Oops.

    They do have Calm Mind. You get it from a Plasma Sage; they always have the stat boosting moves - including Double Team (a.k.a., the most hated move in all of existence).
    Yeah. Moving to another place really takes a lot of time out of your schedule.

    Personally, I just roll with attacking moves, unless they naturally learn something like Dragon Dance/Recover/Thunderwave/etc. You're right; I couldn't imagine not having an attacking move.

    Ferrothorn has one major thing going for it: STAB Gyro Ball. Add that with its slow speed, and you have yourself one major force.

    Yeah...that's awful as well.

    Hey, it could be worse: you could spend money on Xbox Live and end up never using it. -_-
    Canary? Admittedly, the first bird name I thought of was cockatoo. I don't know why it had to be birds. That word must have pissed off an admin or something (though I am amused that they finally took "pissed" off the censor list).

    Yeah, same, which is why I'm taking a day or two break from it. =P I do like it, though I'm not entirely sold on Team Plasma; it's more irritating than enticing for me. Is there no casino place in Unova? :( Or have I not reached it/found it yet? Cuz I'd probably just hang around there like any good champion.

    Psh. 20+ isn't that old. It's just ... ;-; Even 19 has a more youthful ring to it. Now 25. 25 sounds old (sorry to the 25 year olds reading this haha =P).

    Haven't watched enough of the anime to get that vibe from Cilan, but I bet he is. He doesn't even have to try to do it, me thinks.

    Miyazaki: the perfect movies to get high to.

    ... =)

    Nah, really, those movies are amazing.

    I read this as Lapras. Lol.

    Awesome. What's your new fic idea? And what do you mean you like it up to now (or am I just misreading that?)
    Sorry for not replying earlier; I've been busy with life.

    Yeah. I'm okay with Ferrothorn, but I don't think that it's better than Jellicent, to tell you the truth.

    Oh, fate, I hate those finales. Oftentimes, the tank kills me or one of the AI bots I have to play with (thanks to having nobody else). It totally screws up the whole "Leave no man behind" thing.
    Sorry for late response again. I finally decided to buy Pokemon Black and that thing has held me hostage for the last couple of days. Finally decided that it was pretty bad that I got to the eight gym in two days and decided to quit. It's actually kind of weird the way I bought it. I was napping while watching Friends, and I had this dream that I needed to buy Pokemon Black before 6 PM for some reason. Then I woke up around 5:30ish and went out to buy the game because of that dream. XP Either way, take some cookies at my repentance.

    Haa, okay, makes sense now. =P It kind of makes me wonder what people in this decade are going to look like and if they're gonna be like, "Ew, the 00s were so ... [something]." Do you get weirded out thinking that 2000 was more than ten years ago?

    Inorite? I think my mind process was I should wash my car to cool off from running. The water and all that stuff, ya rly. It really makes no sense as I think washing my car wore me out more than running, or maybe that was the running catching up with me. Bad pun not intended.

    OH OH OH. THAT RUSS EPISODE WAS ON but I fell asleep during it. :(

    Seriously loved that bit. Joey is awesome (except for his spin off. No idea what producers were thinking).

    Oh, I'm sure you're thinking such sweet innocent stuff, like kitties and flowers, right? Definitely not girl-on-girl stuff in combination with water. That kind of reminds me of this total lesbian vibe I got from Bianca. Is that just me? Haha. "I'm gonna be her bodyguard alone in this cave, you do your own stuff ******!" She's a cute character though (I kind of like Iris and her together P=).

    Edit: Oh, apparently "***" and "***" together is censored. Porqueeee?

    edit x 2: wtf wtf wtf wtf? tee & hee separated is censored too? What does it mean? Is it dirty? ;-;
    In my opinion, Chandelure is the best fire-type you can get in Unova. Flash Fire puts it above Darmanitan, Larvesta is a pain to level up (and the Volcarona in the Ancient Ruins slaughtered me mercilessly; the only Pokemon I have that resisted it completely was Jellicent, and after a few Quiver Dances, it was able to OHKO my Pokemon, with the help of a critical hit) and Heatmor and Emboar just stink. Not much competition.

    Jellicent was a great water-type for me. Forget about Ferrothorn; Jellicent walls just about everything. Two great defensive types, and it has Recover and Water Absorb for good measure. And it can actually do some damage, unlike Ferrothorn.

    Your Unova team's really cool; I like all of those Pokemon.

    It's great to stay together...until a Charger completely bowls through your ranks. But that's what I love about L4D2; there's a lot of challenges, and the single player is a challenge every time.

    I just loved the look on Francis' face; you could tell how much turmoil he was going through mentally. Girl kissing girl? Sweet. Girl kissing zombie girl? Well...
    Heatmor? Yeah, he's worthless in this game. But I didn't like Darmanitan's design. I got Chandelure instead; I needed a special attacker on my team, since the others I have in my party are either physical attackers (Krookodile and Scrafty), walls (Serperior and Jellicent) or HM slaves (Sigilyph).

    Yeah. They're the absolute worst in the solo rounds. You can shoot Smokers before they wrap you up, shoot Boomers before they puke, melee Hunters before they pounce, avoid the Witch, and shoot everything else. But Jockeys are hard to shoot, and you can't melee them when they latch on. Add that to the fact that they consistently down you if someone isn't there to help, and you have one annoying-as-hell zombie to deal with.

    Oh, that's good. I'm still laughing.

    Nick's sarcastic streak is why a lot of people like him. I just don't like his brutality.
    I dislike Durant and his counterpart (the anteater Pokemon who has a bad design and even worse stats). And you know what? Bug/Ground actually sounds good for Durant; you're onto something there.

    I absolutely hate the Jockeys, though; they're an utter pain in the arse. At least the Witch was beautiful for a zombie. Jockeys and (especially) Spitters are just ugly as hell.

    I hate Nick for his psychotic behavior (did you hear some of his quotes? He actually murdered people before the zombie outbreak started - and pretty brutally as well, by the way he talks about it) and his selfish attitude. I like Ellis a lot more. Just my opinion, though; I can see why people like Nick.
    Hah! Those lines are classic. The ones with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are funny too. XD

    I'm going to have to look for more videos.

    Poor Archeops...I like the guy so much. He could have had something like Intimidate; it would have fit him perfectly... I still train him anyway; I like him too much to just give up on him. Durant, I couldn't care less about. Cool name, less than cool Pokemon. And he has two abilities to choose from, unlike Archeops.

    I only fought her when I:

    a). Needed the achievements for fighting her.

    b). Had a fully-loaded automatic shotgun.

    c). Wanted my character to suffer for saying something stupid and/or cruel (yeah, I'm talking about you, Nick).
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