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  • you read it dat fast o_O
    like i said *takes in deep breathe again*
    i....saw.....somethng coming out of Dracula's dingy it almost got into Chichi but i called her before it happened just when i bout to tie her up again she went back over there & Dracula once again trys to hump her i mean he kinda tryta thrush into her o_O *faints*
    idk if this isnt nasta to you but i'll say it *takes deep breathe*
    i was outside at my neighbors yard playing w/ his dog name Chichi(like on dragonball z) she was suppose to be tied up but i untied her. so me & my brother run around the yard while she chase us playful. when i stopped running for a while Chichi walked over to the other dog (he has 4 in totally) his name is Dracula,his a pitbull. they start playing together & i thught it was kute but the dog starts barkin'(female) every time Chichi goes over to Dracula she starts barking. then i realised why she was barking. i saw Dracula was trying to have sex with Chichi!! Chichi is a puppy size dog but she'll get big & Dracula tried so hard to hump her *shakes head* then i saw something coming out of-
    no more i cant finish it XO
    i was transferring 6 pokemon with some items attached. XD then a deep sea scale for a tm. now i'm gonna trade some items for a ho-oh. after that i'm gonna rare candy some1's salamence to lvl 99 then trade it back to them for an event suicune =]
    *looks at schedule* srry no can do im going with my dad this weekend hehehe......but i'll be back by Sunday k
    sorry can't right now. =[ i'm getting ready to do a bunch of trades with some people.

    maybe later on though? =P
    sure we can do it later then. i might actually take a break and grab some lunch. i'm starved. i'll be back in an hour or so. =)
    haha sorry no decent IV's yet. still working at it. Breloom's got a long way to go. so rayquaza it is. i'll meet ya online in a few min. thanx so much! you're a lifesaver! =D
    i'll just trade for one of the non shinies. how bout rayquaza lvl 70 jolly? it's the only legend i got. =]
    yep mostly playing pokemon and super mario rpg. i bought it with the wii points. it really brings me back =D

    i've been looking everywhere for raikou. would you happen to have an extra one lying around?
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