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  • good good i WAS suppose to be on right now but my computer has a disconnect problem so yeah and hows my best friend doing hmmmmm :3

    Working on my team

    It includes some shinies!

    I'll battle you when it's done

    Exams are starting but I'll be fine
    yes it really is quite terrible
    the movie that i saw (1 hour) was just so moving i had to spread the war and raise awareness
    i cried when i saw it ='(
    itd ok i mean like one time i went to go get something from the kitchen and when i came back it said im disconnected then 2 sec later it said im connected again so i hardly use it
    out of the topic most of the things
    Most of the posts in the club are off-topic. There's only so many things you can do if you strictly stay on topic.

    "Yeah, I'm anti-cloning."
    "Me too."

    Yes, it's up to personal opinion. But to say a Pokemon is useless, like da da did, is highly dismissive and something that no battler would say.
    Yeah, lol I left. I was REALLY bored, and that sounded fun, so I did it. =]

    It went pretty well though. I pretty well finished it, except the last little bit. I'm gonna go get some money so I can get more ultra balls, and I'm gonna finish it. =] Yay!
    And people,
    don't argue here, please
    Discussion isn't arguing, Kun. Neither of us are making it personal. We're not insulting each other or flaming. I know many of SPPF (not to any of you in particular) think "lolzers u r teh Ro0xrz XDXDXD *7 smileys here*" is the only way to respond and anything else is omgzers trolling.

    I'll stop out of respect for you being the owner of the club, but just because I'm typing in whole sentences and am not agreeing with someone doesn't mean I'm arguing or flaming him or otherwise breaking the rules.
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