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  • ahh D= nah não há lições na vitória mas mil delas na derrota - by Xiaolin Showdown ;D

    ah então relaxa =P vai dar a vingança um dia!
    Gyarados is actually EV trained lol my only EV trained shiny I can really use. I couldn't believe it burned marowak either, but it was a nice little bonus.

    Yeah, lets go again! =] I'll be there in a sec.
    Gyarados did alot better than I expected.. GG! I love your shiny umbreon; it's my favorite of all the shiny eeveelutions. I knew you'de probly use your baton-pass scizor at some point, but when you did I started with the wrong pkmn lol.
    Thx! I may have to take you up on that offer! =] It'll probly have to wait until summer though.. Still have school and stuff, so theres always something else I need to do...
    I don't know how.. Lol it sounds so complicated and I'm too lazy to learn. If I get bored this summer maybe I'll try it then.

    I'm ready now. This is the first time I've tried this, so it'll either be horrible or better lol.
    Just for some reason I thought psychic was weak against ground..

    That was another GG! Can't believe I actually got your salamence down.. Hypnosis is such a pain lol. Wish Lucario would wake up a little faster. =]
    I thought so too.. Milotic is probly one of my more defensive pkmn.. I never thought psychic would do so much to Marowak.
    That was kinda ugly lol. I guess I should have learned to EV train... GG anyway though! I hate your Salamence. I couldn't get it down, just like before lol.
    Yay! =] I'm glad you like it. Make sure you let me know when you hit the battle frontier. We'll have to try some of the multiplayer stuff.

    I'm already in there whenever you're ready. @(^_^)@
    Wow, you got plat? I didn't know lol! How long have you had it?

    Yeah, if you don't mind switching games now is perfect! I'll be using plat; did I give you my FC for it yet?
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