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  • Hey, I'm looking forward to battling you. What time would you like to battle today? I can battle from 4-10PM EST.
    lololol, all three clans you have fought closed, Freezing Cold, Elementals, and now SS that is funny.
    I made up a name: Team Digital Milotic. I know it sucks, but the best I can make up.

    I will instead of list the Pokemon write how a Pokemon counters a Pokemon on the threat list. It is done.

    Please play with the team a bit too. I will PM you the team with updated descriptions when everything is done, so please wait for that.

    Please try to think up a name for the team or ask someone else to help me.

    No worries, you seem cool so I presumed there was some issue. No grudges held ;)

    Thanks. I only use pokemon I like, almost irregardless of strength. Glad I used Treecko and not Bella or Belle. :p
    Right, I am ready.

    Could I ask how much time you have left before its too late? Id presume a while since you contacted me at about 02:45 last night.

    Id prefer to wait a little longer so I can be free of my perents demanding I do something -_-


    Also, I cannot find your FC on TL or your sig.

    And was also hoping I could have the TL xat link so I can PC you as we battle :p

    As soon as I find a save point il go grab my DS and sort my team out. Then il VM you and battle.
    Id prefer to wait. Im cleaning all my connections up and going to sleep now.

    Dependant on your timezone I can be on in the afternoon tomorrow too.

    Anyway, dont worry, well get our battle done on or by Sunday unless im hit by a car or something :p
    Righty, I found you.

    Im on GMT+1(BST) and can battle late at night (I.E btween 10PM and 2-3AM)Saturday and Sunday.

    If im online I may be able to battle before, but thats the time when I have control of my router and can guarentee my sister wont try and piss us off by turning off the router.

    Good luck whenever :)
    Hi ^_^ Sorry to keep you waiting so long

    pkmtrainer has quit it due to some probs he has .. so we're searching for a replacement atm .. please tell calum about that .. and tell him that me and yish have set a time to battle so we'll finish it soon ..

    best of luck to your team =D
    hey sorry for not responding... i hope we can have our clan war soon... but im now on proyects week and later exams week, thats why i havent been active and i usually conect at this hours due to swimming
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