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    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CoxsFUuW8AAOHzG.jpg Has anyone discussed the odd colored pokeball, and the green device which this player character holds in this art? The blue/purple pokeball looks to have a socket, that matches the one found on the green device, where a hole about the size...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Alternate forms really addresses some key issues in pokemon as well; Not only does it open this technology up to future generations but the biggest problem it solves is the ever expanding pokedex, which continuously seems to divide and alienate and confuse fans or new players with its large...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Well then that's great, you'll get that too! Lots of new pokemon revealed with more to come! I just think calling it 'lazy' is kind of a cop-out when all you personally want is new Pokemon. Its okay to have that opinion, but I don't think Forms are lazy, they add a lot of variety and spice...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    But they aren't just recolors? Sandshrew is markedly different with the ridges and its head dome thing, as is vulpix with its varying tail and head tuft. Its not just recolors. These forms are basically new pokemon, new types, new stats weights, new moves, even new evolution methods, I just...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    This is a great point, I was also thinking about this. Especially as we are due for 4th gen remake at some point, Alola utilizing some of the themes introduced in those games makes a lot of sense.
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    I started my X and Y wonderlocke today! I am thinking of doing a video recording of this.... The wonderlocke gods were very kind of me, and 10 minutes into my journey I wondertraded my starter chespin (Lovingly nicknamed wonderlocke) for an awesome Buneary! I am pleased. Me and buneary make a...
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    General Character Discussion

    I think winona using sky battles would be neat, but not very likely. I am under the impression those will stay in XY. I don't think they were very popular even...(I did not like them.)
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    Hoenn Region Discussion Thread

    I'm super pumped to explore the region's post game. I would like the battle frontier to make an appearance, and for it to be just as tropical and beautiful in 3D as it was in platinum. I realize I have been talking a lot about platinum lately, but that's mostly because I have been replaying it...
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    Hoenn Region Discussion Thread

    THIS! The never need to dumb down the pokemon games, they should know by now that the people who buy them want something more then iphone games and in app purchases.
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    Wonder Trade Stories

    I usually throw my breeding rejects into wonder trade, just to keep my boxes looking clean. I release any duds though, don't want to clog up what is my favorite new feature in XY! :D
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

    I guess if its going to be from a demo, a mega legend doesn't sound that unreasonable! We will have to see!
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

    Hmmm, a Mega we have not seen before? Very interesting. I have this feeling we will see something like...mega flygon? Mega shiftry/ludicolo? Its useless to speculate until we figure it out I guess! Hahah!
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    Gym Leaders & Elite Four Thread

    I really enjoyed the design of the gym leaders in this gen, but I found the story-line behind them severely lacking. The elite four and Diantha were okay! I wish they all had huge involvement in the story like b/b2/w2 ...All the gym leaders in unova where so memorable in hindsight.
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

    Has anyone figured out what pokemon you get to 'keep' from playing the demo? *I assume not but I want to ask anyway*
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    Pokemon That Didn't Interest You, But Now You Love

    This is funny, I used to hate Darmanitan. I hated its stupid typing, its design and fire brows and beady eyes. Now its really amazing. In fact, I used to hate a lot of gen 5 pokemon but they have become some of my favorite in the series now. Plus its a BEAST.