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    No, I was trying to get a shiny Tyrogue. . . Not one shiny patch appeared in that whole chain. . . What's the highest you've ever chained?
    He doesn't think so. . . Yeah, I'm done hunting Lati's I guess I'll look for some one else that has a VGC Milo. I finaly got that Tyrogue (now a Hitmontop) you gave me to level 89. It's going by quicker than usual because he gets the EXP boost from being a traded Poke. . . Gosh you must be a great chainer to have so many shinies, I fail at chains, I think the most I've ever chained was 137 and it was ruined by a random Bibarel.
    I have been waiting for these events to come out for so long as well. . .
    No Eon ticket. . . a guy has a VGC09 Milotic and I want one so bad I've been hunting Lati's for him on the GTS for three days now. . . I think I'm just going to stop hunting, because it seems to me like he's pushing me for something better everytime I get a timid one. I just got a UT Latias with a Timid nature, 31 IV's in S.Def, 30 in S.ATK, and 19 in SPD. He says it not good enough to be used in the OU tier so I decided to keep it.
    Me and you think alike. . .
    *reset his own game*
    I'm trying for a shiny Darkrai and I assume you are as well. I would like nicknamed Pokemon, but I have a hard time thinking of things to name them. . . Except for my shiny Honchkrow, I named it Bawss. I am also hunting down timid Latias as of now, I want a VGC09 Milotic, would you happen to have one?
    lolz. . .

    Why yes I am! I didn't know you had a Serebii account. . . well now I know. I uh, kinda locked myself outta my last account so I had to make a new one. So with that adamant Dratini is it that you can't name it anything else, or that some one named it something dumb?
    Its cool but can you please explain what you mean about color scheme o_O if you mean do i want them to look shiny then yes. Sorry im so bad at this
    Hey umm i was just wondering did you get my list?.....im not rushing you or anything so please dont think that :( i just want to make sure the pm got through
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