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Last Activity:
Mar 7, 2010
Jan 12, 2010
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Dilabio was last seen:
Mar 7, 2010
    1. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Wow, great game. I have an umbreon just like yours with curse, wish, baton pass and payback.
    2. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Ok sure, I've got a whole new pokemon! XD
    3. ivanreal
      atm unknown
    4. ivanreal
      I'm restartung the tourney I'll add you to it
    5. ivanreal
      nope not yet sorry
    6. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Sure, I'll see you online
    7. Dark Eevee
      Dark Eevee
      Maybe Jirachi, what would you want for it?
    8. Reptar
      i'm finally home. so, let me know when you are ready.
    9. pkmtrainer
      are you there? did, you said you wanted my latias? I can trade now
    10. Reptar
      i'm about to go to dinner. but if you'll be on in an hour and a half or so, i can battle then.

      sorry. i promise i'm not trying to avoid you :P
    11. GerbilGuy
      It doesn't seem that we will get that battle today,
      and I have more challenges.
    12. GerbilGuy
      Chat, please.
    13. GerbilGuy
      And I'm in the middle of one (Even though that battle is Disqualified)
    14. Reptar
      If it said I was on at 10:10, then I must have hit the internet button on my phone. Because, I've been gone all night. But, if you're still on.. sure, I'll battle.
    15. ivanreal
      Hmm ok then, ou gotta wait for me and some other people to their battles before we move on
    16. Squirtleismyhomeboy
      goke said i can't give it to you, you gotta wait till the GL sends it to you
    17. ivanreal
      Battle him when he comes back it's cool I can wait :)
    18. GerbilGuy
      It is your job to catch me,
      not mine~
    19. ISDr
      Ok i am not very good. is OU ok?
    20. Calarus
      I am here come let us start I am in the battle academy
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    Fc: 4039 6581 2906
    Timid alamos darkrai
    wishmkr jirachi's - impish, modest, lonely and jolly
    Shiny level 1 modest phione
    Ageto celebii's - sassy, serious and calm
    Misturin celebi - careful
    * New shiny bold latias and shiny bold suicune(have been rng'd), level 100 (have been ev trained) both have flawless ivs!
    All are legit.

    Timid mismagius with hidden power fighting (most preffered with nasty plot too)
    Bold suicune with good iv's (hidden power electric would be great)
    Timid raikou with good iv's (hidden power ice or grass would be good)
    - these three are most wanted, will trade big!

    Any ev trained, iv bred pokemon I will also trade for.
    Pm me.