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Last Activity:
Mar 7, 2010
Jan 12, 2010
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Dilabio was last seen:
Mar 7, 2010
    1. Agonist
      You want to have a uu battle?
    2. Bulldogs
      I'll battle. FC in sig.
    3. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Sorry, but I'd prefer for there to only be one of my toxicroak. I'm not anticloning or anything but I think that it would be slightly unfair for one person to put in the effort and for the other to reap the rewards. As well as this toxicroak is one of the best members of my team so I wouldn't want to run the risk of losing it.
    4. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Um, not really, as I've spend a lot of time iv breeding, ev training etc I would never trade a team pokemon. I'd happily give you a croagunk with substitute though
    5. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Ok i'm coming online
    6. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Sure I'll battle if you're still there
    7. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Sorry about not responding, I just saw the VM, I'm up for a battle whenever you like so if I'm online just VM me for one.
    8. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Sorry. I tried. WiFi is like that sometimes.
    9. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      1333-8519-5034...See you on. GL and HF.
    10. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      Yeah, I'll go if your still looking for a battle. OU or UU? Your choice.
    11. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      I'll pass. Thise IV's were almost good...But the low IV's were just too low.
    12. Agonist
      Hey are you going to battle
    13. Agonist
      in my sig, in the banner, I'll be on the wifi
    14. Agonist
      I'll battle you now, I'm using a uu team
    15. Agonist
      After I'm done with this battle
    16. reekjoa
      hey where r u???
    17. reekjoa
      i didnt!!!
    18. reekjoa
      i didnt!!!
    19. reekjoa
      wt hell was zat??
    20. reekjoa
      but i will pm you next time..
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    Fc: 4039 6581 2906
    Timid alamos darkrai
    wishmkr jirachi's - impish, modest, lonely and jolly
    Shiny level 1 modest phione
    Ageto celebii's - sassy, serious and calm
    Misturin celebi - careful
    * New shiny bold latias and shiny bold suicune(have been rng'd), level 100 (have been ev trained) both have flawless ivs!
    All are legit.

    Timid mismagius with hidden power fighting (most preffered with nasty plot too)
    Bold suicune with good iv's (hidden power electric would be great)
    Timid raikou with good iv's (hidden power ice or grass would be good)
    - these three are most wanted, will trade big!

    Any ev trained, iv bred pokemon I will also trade for.
    Pm me.