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  • Thanks for the advice. I divided up some of the paragraphs so the text wouldn't be as cluttered, so if you still want to read my fan-fic you are perfectly welcome to.
    I just want you to know that I was dying while listening to your fic recording. You've got a terrific voice and you really know how to project, and coupled with good writing that excerpt was fun to listen to.

    Would you grace me with a reply? It's all I'm really asking for. I don't mind if you don't plan to review my fic, but a clear 'no' would be very much appreciated then.
    I'm sorry if I'm bothering you with this, but, did you receive my PM? If you did, could you please send me a reply somehow? I'm very sorry if you've just been very busy and didn't have the time to reply to my PM, cause I really have been a nuisance then.
    Now, if all I get is this:

    Long friggin list of grammatical errors.

    BTW, I think it's interesting...
    Wasn't this the fad like 4 months ago and like 5 people were doing it?

    >_> I think I got hit by one too.
    Okay, cool.

    I was more imagining chibi-angel sorts of wings, but okay.

    What would you be using it for?
    I have reviewed your first chapter, and it was really good and enjoyable. I will get around to the others when I can!
    I really do wish I had understood what your point was in that thread. :(

    Though I do personally find the topic of "why do we write?" to be fascinating.

    And happy belated birthday.

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