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Recent content by Dilasc

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    Is it ever okay to "spell it out?"

    This has always baffled me. How do you give readers enough information without giving too much away or conversely, too little? My biggest fear is that well, to be blunt, there are a lot of people who aren't all that smart these days (I don't mean anyone here, but potential generic audiences...
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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    Do you ever feel that people aren't reading your stuff the correctly? All... the... time... provided anyone's reading to begin with. If they're complaining about something sounding wierd, they might be reading it wrong. I wish people understood that, but I don't exactly know how to show that I'm...
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    A tip on Pokemon POV One-Shots?

    I remember writing a small tale about a revived Omanyte describing hair as yellow plants because that far back, fur and hair did not exist. Keep things like where/when a beast comes from to help flesh them out.
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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    How do you open stories? The best way possible! PUNCH! If your first line doesn't tell the reader something very big, dire, funny, awesome or wordplay-ish, then what is there to keep someone reading. I feel, very adamantly, that the very first line must... have... WHAM! It needs a hook, and what...
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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    Honestly, I couldn't think of a better word... and still can't. The Dictionary definition includes figurative speech/narrative and cliches but I feel trope is more encompassing.
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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    You guys all know me... right? Right? Maybe not, as I sometimes forget I even write. Why I like writ... well I, oddly don't enjoy it as much as I should. What I DO enjoy is entertaining, which should be great but the size of my audiences tends to tell me I'm not that entertaining and I try. I...
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    Geas - Blue Storm: A Blue Nuzlocke Adventure

    I'm not as popular as I used to be, but hopefully people like Nuzlockes. Chapter 1 The torrential rains had finally ended. It had seemed like days but at long last the nasty hurricane was finished. Professor Samuel Oak sighed heavily as he surveyed the damage around suburban Pallet Town...
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    Atheist & Agnostic Family

    Fellow freethinkers, we've been far too quiet of late. Anyways, Valentine's Day is soon... it's named for Saint Whogivesacrap... which instantly irks me and gains my ire.
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    "Show, Don't Tell"

    I hate to bring up an old topic, but where is that level at which we are forbidden to tell and must show or else be a bad author?
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    I'm going to have to disagree, big words, or 'pretentious' writing do not make purple prose: the overabundance of words themselves make it purple prose. A sentence of "he was elated" is not as prosey as "he was so happy he could jump the sky and high five all the green men upon the Martian...
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    Do People actually read my Fic?

    I think the big reason around here most don't comment is because the fanfic boards tend to expect quality reviews and most reviewers don't have that zazz to go through and pick apart all the problems a story may have. They see reviews from the more avid readers who multi-quote and give a little...
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    Contents of Poke Ball

    I almost hate to say this, but when you think about it, the dematerialization of living matter as (according to the laws of thermodynamics) it is converted into energy, is... horrifying to think about. As for them carrying other things... why not? I don't think anyone would question it...
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    Fakemon in Fan Fics

    Why not? If it fits the character, nobody would even begin to complain! Maybe his region has never seen a pikachu or a mankey, but maybe the zazbugaka is a a common sight and thus something trainers in that land know about. That doesn't mean, we the audience should be robbed of our immersion...
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    Geas - Blue Storm: A Blue Nuzlocke Adventure

    So my last Nuzlocke... well spoiler alert! I died. It sucked. So I decided to start again in blue with some crazy as heck eight-bit nostalgia! Chapter List: Intro Below! PM List: The Rules: Rules: Can only catch first Pokemon per route Dupe Clause MANDATORY: I have three...
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    Fakemon in Fan Fics

    I wouldn't trust fanfic advise from someone who doesn't at least pretend to properly put spaces after periods... or who recommend you read a fic that is apparently locked before its first 'chapter' got finished. So as someone who EXTENSIVELY has way too many Fakemon to even remember the...