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Last Activity:
Dec 11, 2010
Aug 3, 2009
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New Member

Dilorex was last seen:
Dec 11, 2010
    1. PokeN3rd
      Hey Dilo I see that you're still kinda active bro

      Let's hit up the old chat huh? I gots to talk to you.
    2. all4game
      Yep, gg, nice team. :)
    3. all4game
      Good luck, have fun. :)
    4. all4game
      9 is good.
    5. all4game
      Hi, so I should be on for the rest of the day, basically. I don't check serebii very often, but "ll try to keep checking back so just vm me when you wanna battle.
    6. all4game
      Hey, we need to battle for the war...
    7. pokemonfreak247
      Hey, im new and i was looking for a battle. It can be any pokemon BUT legendaries, psuedo legendaries, blissey, chansey, shedinja, and wobufet. my friend code is 3996 9369 4313 and name is Shyam. im not a n00b but im new to battling on serebii forums, thx , message me back with ur time in eastern time , i cant do until 2 30 on september 3 cuz i have school.
    8. LilPrinnyDood
      but telling me your battles definately wont hurt chances of ranking up ;)
    9. LilPrinnyDood
      you should probably read the OP the ranking system has changed :3 but grats on your win :D
    10. LilPrinnyDood
      heya, dun worry i wont boot unless ur gone for like weeks for no reason...
    11. Jay the pokemon master
      Jay the pokemon master
      O LOL I know wat they are LOL I just didn't kno they were called tiers...
    12. LilPrinnyDood
      lol btw not that it matters, you should doctor up your profile a bit. fill out your profile, put in a profile picture, maybe ask wassay/tyde for a cool banner.
      just a thought :)
    13. LilPrinnyDood
      ok cool, and if you have a second now im still up so i can trade it now. if you need anything just ask. btw do you need an everstone for the ditto?
    14. LilPrinnyDood
      sorry i was d/ced, jay the pokemon master is kinda of noob with lingo but hes a decent battler. he uses ou/uu he basically battles for fun. hes good for some laughs and hes a nice guy. anyway sorry we didnt get to battle but ill be on tomorrow. and did you want the dome fossils? just give me some random bunearys or something ill start you off with 3. i'll catch up with you tomorrow. just so you know your losses against me or tyde dont count but your wins do because its considered "practice" and it helps me moniter your progress.
    15. Jay the pokemon master
      Jay the pokemon master
      Tier??? What's that??
    16. Jay the pokemon master
      Jay the pokemon master
      Hey wanna battle???
    17. LilPrinnyDood
      well no unfortunitally thats why i encourage uu/nu, also sorry to say i have to count the losses towards your record. if you give me 20 mins ill battle you and trade.
    18. Disaster_Lord
    19. Disaster_Lord
      choice scarf magnezone=evil...damm eq...
    20. Disaster_Lord
      it had to b a rain dance team...
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