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  • Oh my. How life keeps us all busy... o.o
    Speaking of being a student, I start my fall semester in less than two weeks, and I'll be doing chemistry research. Then again, I've been on summer break since early-May, so of course starting school again at around late-August makes up for it. x.x;
    Btw, is there an easier way to contact you besides facebook? Because just in case, I'm usually on skype often. (It may say I'm offline, but as a lurker, I keep myself on invisible mode. ;p)
    Hahah, it's fine. My replies have been kinda slow lately anyways. xP
    And that sounds fun, but I can see it'll be challenging to plan out. o:
    At least you have a job. I kinda wish I can have a part-time job or so, but my parents want me to focus more on my education (full-time student, btw). ;w;
    But yeah, if you ever come to the West Coast, it'd be awesome to meet up. :D Tbh, I think Anime Expo's technically the perfect time I meet up with friends who I knew virtually for a long time. It takes place on the 4th of July weekend, but of course, there will be crowding issues here and there. lol
    Really never have my gates open, since the only friend I had until now was BCVM22. I might start opening them more often though. Also, does the game tell you if friends have a gate open if you try to open yours like in CF?
    Did you get New Leaf? I wouldn't mind trying to get some of us from the old CF/Brawl threads together for some AC again. Could be fun.
    Hey Dimentio, I slightly remember you. I'm not active on here mainly since my enjoyment of pokemon died a long time ago, still a fan of Nintendo and their games though. Awaiting for some good wii u games to come out so I can buy the console. It's actually cool coming back and seeing some people to remember the old days. I may come on again later to see what's up. Hope your doing good.
    Oh, that is awesome! Must've been an epic experience, I can tell. ;p
    Was there a League of Legends booth over there, too? Because I know they tend to go to PAX East every year, and I play that game. xP
    And wait... flying to Seattle... flying to the West Coast, yeee! (Though unfortunately I live in SoCal; would be lovely if we met somewhere. lol :3)

    I weep for SPPf's loss of you...
    Thanks, it's nice to be remembered.

    In hopes that you may yet again resurface.
    I miss my days of being on here every five hours, sometimes. Maybe someday I will find an excuse to start visiting on a regular basis again!

    I only hope some day, some how, we may manage to meet again~!
    Hey, a regular flow of substantial Smash Bros. news seems like a pretty good way to reunite to me! Hopefully the majority of the big players of the Brawl Thread days can join us in the joyous occasion that is the beginning of the stream of lead-up info for a new game(s).
    (Hear that Nintendo? Fan demand for a new iteration of the DOJO!! Don't let us down.)
    Oh, PAX East, I've heard about! How was it? o:

    And yup, I'm hyped for the Smash Bros announcement at E3 this year, too. xD It would be lovely if the Smash thread makes an epic return. >.<
    lol xP
    And that's good you've been doing well. :] I'm doing good. I had spring break about 2 weeks ago, though I kinda wish that lasted longer. xD
    Least to say, though, I pretty much have a month and a half remaining before my spring semester is done, so I'm just basically stepping it up. o:
    Yeah, I think a year ago for the forum update sounds about right. It does seem that people interact on a personal level less frequently than they used to, though. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe just because most people aren't on as much/frequently as they used to be? (ie: me not logging in for ~10 days just now...)

    Oh, there's a bunch of familiar names! I didn't know you guys were in contact still, though. Out of that list, I think noobers, Night_Shadow, and Electivirus are the only ones who've been here constantly, though (assuming I'm not mixing Electivirus up with somebody else, since he got a name-change, as I recall). Copygoo, too, maybe...? I know Slick got banned, but I suppose you'd know better than I if he's still traipsing about here on alts. AerialAce! and fhqwhgads have been missed presences, as well. You should bring everybody back.

    Hahaha, active. It's weird to see you wrote that a week-and-a-half ago when I was last on. But in my defense, I haven't been on as much due to being distracted by Fire Emblem: Awakening, which has taken up most of my down time of late. And it is creepy. If 1984 had a lot more homosexuality and drunk college kids, we'd be living it right now.
    Hey! Thanks for leaving a visitor message for me. I'm not really here that much. I just log in to check PMs that I get from time to time. Not really active in the community. I still go on AIM tho. Feel free to send me a PM, too.
    Oh? Awesome. o:
    Although college is still keeping me busy, I'm still semi-active here. (Especially since I'm watching over two claiming threads in the Other Video Game Discussion.)
    Anywayyy... how are you? :3
    Wow, it's been a long time, hasn't it? To think that it's been 5 years since Brawl was even released, never mind the threads...

    I'm not nearly as active on here as I used to be, though I still read over the forums whenever I can. Maybe the next Smash Bros. thread may stir some life back into the place.
    The problem, though, is that these voids are being filled by people who honestly are a worse option than just leaving a gaping maw in the middle of the forum. I keep on being surprised at how much time has passed here: I can't even remember when the forum changed anymore, and every time I think of somebody who used to be here and check their profile, it turns out that they haven't been on in 3-4 years. That's true, now that you mention it, fhqwhgads hasn't been on in forever. I wonder if Slick is still around in some form or another these days? Hopefully the forum can be more fun again soon, but I think that there do have to be more (cool) people: everywhere I look, it seems like there's less activity and fewer topics than ever before (well, at least in Misc. and Nintendo/OVGD, which are the only sections I ever check).

    I don't think I've been up to anything different, except that now I'm around a lot less than I used to be, usually only a few times a week. Also, if it interests you, Misc. is now ruled by #SPP-Misc, Josh's chatroom. It's like Big freaking Brother. Or something.
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