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  • Of course I remember you, from way back in the heyday of the Nintendo and Smash Clubs. Back when these forums were cool. Of course, I remember everybody who was ever a member here.

    I saw you posting the other day, too, but I didn't say anything because I'm pretty sure it wasn't as long as the last time you went without posting. Good to hear you'll be hanging out here again. So many people have left, so it's gotten pretty depressing. Maybe with the Wii U and all these big game announcements people seem to be expecting from Nintendo at E3, we'll see this place returning to form in a few months, eh?
    Well there are also a lot less mods right now than there were before, since there's only like 20 or so now.
    Yeeeah, not much changes around here. The new Pokémon are still overdesigned, the new region still too expansive, too linear, too open and too cluttered and-- well, you get the idea.
    That's good. I'm sure fhq(insert the rest of the random letters) will respond eventually. I've been keeping busy with school too.

    You planning on getting New Leaf? We could try doing what we did a couple times in CF with a bunch of going to each other's towns again.
    Even funnier is I almost fell off the face of the forums, I only hung around when people from the chat mentioned something here.
    Been doing good. This place has become less fun without Dattebayo and company, and the lack of SSB threads, but c'est la vie. How about you?
    Contre Jour is a mobile app, but Twang is just a Flash game. It's here, if you want to have a look.

    You're welcome. I hope the game turns out great!
    Ah, I see what you mean. Perhaps I should've been clear with the fact that I was only aiming to please myself with this game from the very beggining.
    Well, I thank you for the compliments and confirm that you were one of the smart users I was reffering to, but-

    but I think you were getting a bit too muddled with the difference between an idea that was yours or that was a viable product.
    I'm going to have to ask you to elaborate a little.
    I love the idea. Sounds a bit similar to Contre Jour and Twang.

    Personally, I'm leaning a bit towards the idea of you having to move him. It adds a bit of challenge to the game, because that way you'd have to figure out how to get the character to move by manipulating the environment around him, as opposed to him doing it himself.
    How many people here would in any way be interested in a physics based platformer akin to Lemmings on iOS/Android/WP7?
    I certainly would. Care to provide me with a download when it's finished?
    Oh. Well, I hope you find time. Usually the fillers aren't always good(early on) but later and later they get better. For example, the G8 arc, Davy Back Fight arc(The anime made it about twice as long, with another 3 competitions thrown in, so it counts), the 12 something crew being seperated episodes, episodes 497?-499?, you could barely tell they're filler because of where they're placed, and how they play out. Sounds sorta like the original FMA, except a lot worse for the Anime plotline.

    I don't care. My opinions are just as muddled. Wow, this was only 2035 characters, but hopefully I answered all your stuff to the best extent I could.
    It's also because people don't want any change. Yet, the only francise I don't see get marked down at all for not innovating is COD, while Skyward Sword kinda reinvented motion control and some people put SS down a few points because it didn't respond 100% of the time. I don't mind DLC, as I never buy it, and I don't see what it really adds. That's just human nature. They get great games, and they demand more of that when the developers want to do something new.

    I know. I probably need to buy maybe the Wii U and Ps4, and just get games for those consoles, and not get all three consoles next gen, so I can get more good games.

    Maybe you should just focus on one or two, and not the entire thing? That'll make it easier, yes?

    I understand. But, like in One Piece, some of the characters you can really relate too as in their personality(I can sorta relate to Robin) or laugh at them for it(Zoro and his defensiveness of himself getting easily lost), and they sorta give you more imagination to what the characters could be, rather than just what that person acts like. Anime just seems a lot better, too. Most seem to follow a plot, which usually makes someone to want more of that show and impatient to wait a week, whereas with Family Guy it's probably sometimes you want more, sometimes you don't. Plus, the problem with some Anime's is that they don't always make you feel good, whereas American stuff usually tries to make you feel good about yourself.
    Mirai Nikki I like, of my 10+ Anime's I've seen so far, it's definitely in my top 3, along with Clannad and One Piece. The only Anime that comes close to knocking it out of the Top 3 Brotherhood, is only because I don't have any idea how it'll end, on good note or bad note.

    May I suggest you at least watch the Anime adaption of One Piece? Sure, it has over 530 episodes, but I feel that the Anime is nearly as good as the Manga. Then there's Strong World. My god. That movie was great. Of the three I've seen this year, it was the best. Plus, the songs. Go to about 12 minutes, 30 seconds. Don't watch it if you don't want to spoil yourself( If you are where I think you are,) but it is a great song to listen to. Plus, I don't really get why it gets so much hate here. It's clearly better than both of it's competitors, Naruto(Haven't seen this, but I saw a 1 minute boss fight, which was poorly animated), and Bleach(I tried to get into it, but around the 70's, I went meh). I can understand if you don't like it for the poor 4Kid's VA, but if you state that as the main reason why you hate it, then you should see Funimation's dub.

    Wow, I spent 35 minutes on this. Hope you'll like to respond to it. Wow, 700 characters over. Didn't expect that.
    I can almost imagine. There weren't as many flame wars, if there was a great game, people didn't really try and hate on it, and the Internet was becoming so if you didn't have it, you were weird. Game companies stopped smearing each other. And there weren't any people saying how the Xbox is the best, or the PS2 sucks. ....Or at least, that's what I've built of it from my warped imagination, and from what I've heard of it. It can't really get better, as people get worse about how CoD is great, or how Skyrim sucks, or how Nintendo will fail, even though the 3DS has the best launch year of any system.

    I'm happy to say, (through my PS2), I was able to play the Star Wars: Battlefront series, which I loved. What other games are there? I know most of the first party games, and some of the third party games, but how many are on there that are really good?

    So, you're watching like an Anime episode a day or something? Or not even that? One thing I don't understand is why people don't like anime. Sure, some of it is weird, and the Animation style is weird, but it works. And it(To me) is clearly better than the English equivalents. You can't really compare some of the series. Well you can, but I can't help but think of One Piece vs The Simpsons, where one has been running for nearly 25 years, and the other one for 15. 500 episodes compared to 530. Which one, (if both were to be watched by everyone), would be the more acclaimed one?
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