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    What Emblematic said. I'll be on Brawl sometime around 3pm tomorrow (That'd be around 19 hours from now) if that works for you. Find some way to contact me whenever you'd like to Brawl though, I should be able to for the most part.
    Just post your Wii FC on my page, and you can contact me through Wii Messages. My Wii FC is 1975 3640 5514 3836.
    Hey fuzzyqwi... Oh wait, I'm gonna start getting used to calling you Dimentio now ;)

    ...I should have known... That after all that loving Dimentio... You would BECOME Dimentio! ;D

    Anyway, I'm very sorry for not having gotten back to you (and coming on the forums at all >>;;) for 4.. 5 months? I promise I'll get back to you real soon! Gosh, the forums have so many new features, I'm gonna have to start getting used to them too OO

    PS: Hope you've been well, but I'll talk to you properly when I reply to your PM.

    PPS: I do love how out of your other 3 friends, 2 have their as my favourite Pokémon. They have good taste ;)
    sup ty for adding me! I was just unbelievbly bored and since we have ssbb fc I just thought.
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