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  • I couldn't really, well bluff any longer, mainly because of the reason I told you. I know I am missing a lot of those games. I'd get them, but then I realize that if the rumors about the Wii U having a VC for the Gamecube games are true, I can probably pick up the games I have my eye, naming a few from what I know: Super Mario Sunshine, The Wind Waker, Metriod Prime/2, that Fire Emblem game I remember seeing at a friends house a while back, Star Fox Adventures, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Mario Kart Double Dash(That was the other game!), and probably more if there are more. Probably the biggest reason why I didn't have any GCN games though was because of my lack of interest in video games before I moved. Before I moved, I had great friends who I hung out with every day possible, and when I couldn't, I played video games for an hour or so. It also didn't help that we had a pool. Then I moved and couldn't really make friends, so I wasted my time playing video games then and now.

    Sorry for such a long paragraph, you're probably bored.

    I agree. It takes a lot for me to try and change my signature, due to me not really caring about signatures(I have them off), and me worried about getting banned for having too large of a signature. I just don't really find the effort worthwhile to go and change it. I just really started to watch Anime's last May. Not because I didn't like them, I could never really find them on TV. But right now, I'm addicted to One Piece, Mirai Nikki is another Anime I'm currently watching and it is good, and I'm trying to get through Soul Eater while being on Finals week and watching Saturday Night Live. I assume you keep up with one or two Anime's, due to knowing Mirai Nikki? Or is that just because you know of it?
    I just thought I'd bring this conversation to VM. I felt that we were getting way off topic.

    I believe there's something like 16 or so, and not many others are all that good.
    My information about the GCN era is not that good, only from what I've researched, and word of mouth. I only really had 5 GCN games, (Melee, Gale of Darkness, Coloseum, the third Rogue Squadron, Luigi's Mansion, and maybe one other game.) and of those games, I only really beat Gale of Darkness, and never started Luigi's Mansion. I'd love to attribute that to the fact I only got into video games around 2008, but I had my GCN since 2003, and that I was only about 8.

    Also I enjoy your signature. Mad props, dood.
    Thanks. It only took me about 6 months to get a new one.
    I thought so. o: I'm pretty sure you'll do just fine. :]

    Yup yup, he's actually still lurking on here sometimes, except he's under 'Midnite♪' (he forgot the password to his old account). But other than that, we've been keeping in touch.

    Oh, I pre-ordered Black, and though I know this starter is likely overpicked, I'm starting out with Snivy (Oshawott was my second choice). Which starter do you plan on using? o: And tbh, I've never been to the Journey Across America ones, so the promotional mall tours will be my first in-person Pokemon event I go to. ^^;

    Ooooh, you should. >.< And awesomeness~
    Yup yup, indeed. Wait... aren't you graduating this year or something? o:

    Ahhh, I see. The only times I get on here is mostly to help out with the 2 claiming threads in the Other Video Game Discussion forum (as well as lurking about). And yup, though I actually have a lot of duties associated with my s-mod position, I can handle 'em nicely. Another Serebii friend on mine (formerly known as Wiimote, if you remember him) is also an s-mod with me on the same website, so he and I help each other out. :]

    I'm pretty psyched for Black and White, as well. I pre-ordered my copy a couple of days ago, so I'm all set. And I'm even more hyped for their mall tour that I'm going to in about a week and a half from now! Hopefully, I can get some new plushies while I'm at it~ ^^

    Yeshhh, we shall! >.< Out of curiosity, do you have Skype? That's pretty much where I am most of the time, especially since I haven't been on AIM as much. I'm pretty sure we still have each other added on AIM though, yes? o:
    Ah, I see. And yesh, high school. Junior year for me has been a little stressful, but I've been hanging in there. ^^; The least to say, it's been off to a great start.

    And in other news, while I haven't been on here (and Bayleef Beach) as much, I've been tending to my super moderator duties over at a Brawl-related site. Of course, I still play Brawl sometimes, though nowadays it's mostly for friendlies. I've been playing so much Pokemon as of recently. lol
    Dang, just as I'm in lurking mode... OMG YOU'RE ALIVE~! o:

    But yes, indeed it has. I guess since I'm currently on here atm, how have you been?
    Hello, hello, Dimentio.
    I was just wondering if you wanted to be friends with me.
    I really like Super Paper Mario and I check the Paper Mario thread daily.
    My fave character is Mr. L
    I loved the part when in SPM at the end of chapter 6-1 Mr. L says to Dimento
    " Not a funny joke, Dimentio.. If I wanted to laugh your face is inspirational enough!"
    Yay~! No problemo. :3

    Haha, what makes you say that? I'm pretty sure nothing bad like that would happen by the time you become a legal adult. xD

    I believe that since it is past midnight in your time, I shall be the first to greet you an awesometastic happy birthday~! ^.^

    Whoa... just one more year to go. lol
    The caps lock isn't hard to deciper, actually... and OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! xP *also excitement, not anger*

    Errr to answer your first question... the ceiling and the floor? xD Anyways, other than me being currently on hiatus until next week due to semester finals, nothing's pretty much new with me. I still play Brawl, but I've been more on MKWii as of recently. Oh, I have teh homebrooz channel mostly for Brawl custom music hacking reasons, and I actually find it fun. ^^ Lastly, I've been a little more active on a site called AllisBrawl than here... but yeah, you should join it if you feel like it. lol

    Sooo... how you doin'? And how's life? :3
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