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  • oh and btw . .you can be charged for pedophilia as well.

    enjoy being an adult! :p

    hahaha you're in a band too? Well, I'm not surprised . . are you in a screamo/rock band as well?

    And I'm good btw :p
    Oh my gosh!! Why didn't you tell me before?? I saw your bro's post and It got me thinking . . Happy Birthday!! *huggles* You're 18 which is a milestone so that means you can:

    1. Buy a car but not rent one *didn't know this myself :p*. You can buy and sell real estate and stock, inherit property, enter into binding contracts, and get sued.

    2. Can now go to state and federal prisons for adults.

    3. Can vote *Election in my country's coming up and so I have to vote* and can get fined if you don't.

    4. Can drive without restriction depending on your country's license issuing laws
    Thank you :p How r u today? :p *You're bro's in a screamo band I didn't think it was possible -___-*
    Nothing much :p heheh you sent me your last message at 4am in the morning in Oz time :p ooo guess what? I caught a shiny Latias in the morning yesterday after only 400SRs! :p You can see the pictures I took on the HGSS Shiny discussion forum :p
    heheh I like horror . .I especially love Tim Burton's films which a mix of that and imagination . .I love the movie Sleepy Hollow which i'm watching right now and a Nightmare before Christmas . .I also like romantic comedies and comedies in general . .how r u today? I thought you left yesterday so I got off :p
    WOW . .well out of that ginormous list . .. Blink 182, Metalica and asian kung-fu generation (didn't know I could include asian bands as well :p) . .I like the beatles but dun really listen to them much . .and everything else on that list i'm hearing for the first time lol what movie genres and titles do you like??
    I like Linkin Park . .but it's more alternative and according to my sister emo but I still like it haha . .umm I like Green Day, Good Charlotte, Paramore (and not because of Twilight :p) and Muse (ditto for this one too :p) . .that's all I can think of right now . .oh and I listen to bits of Skillet now and again ^^
    wow really? that's cool :p I like pretty much the same things as you. .but I play violin instead of guitar :p what kinds of music and movies do you love best?
    Yes me too! The old games were classic . .oh does your bro own shiny pokemon? What else do you like to do?
    ooo nice. .my sis plays guitar . .I'm SRing for a shiny latios . .hard to do in SR T___T so, do you play pokemon?
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