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Last Activity:
Feb 28, 2019
Jul 11, 2012
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Whatever my job is.

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I smash your Boxes., from Irrelevance

dirkac was last seen:
Feb 28, 2019
    1. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Sorry that I missed you!
    2. SilverChiko
      Hey dirk, how goes it?
    3. ~Emolga~
      And fanart. I used to hate and it and now I love it. I'm so weird like that xD

      *throws a dart*

      *is still hugging Tem* This Tem doesn't seem allergic to me.
    4. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      We are in... the process of doing so.

      All the Mythical Pokemon from Generation V and before (With Deoxys no longer being one, because of its in-game availability in ORAS) are going to be distributed throughout the year. For this, all of them have got new artwork, which have been turned into SPPf avatars very recently. You can see the others here.
    5. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      We should.

      Good, thank you. I am loving this new avatar. What about you?
    6. ~Emolga~
      Everyone can dream like I dream of BillDip but that will never happen.
      Yes it will and so will billdip.

      I hope Pacifica gets some screentime in the finale.

      I nawt ALergic 2 TEm *hugs tem*
    7. ~Emolga~
      Candip was ripped apart and stomped on in Roadside Attraction though. Though I will admit they would be a cute couple.

      I liked that Pacifica changed. It's always good to get some character development.

      hOI! :3
    8. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Oh wow, so that was the reason why you disappeared?
    9. ~Emolga~
      Hmm, it's a tie between Sock Opera and Weirdmaggedon Part 1.

      What is your favorite episode? :3

      Well that's alright, i'm sure tem forgives you.
    10. ~Emolga~
      I don't care if it's late or not, it's still a reply :P

      Yay! :3

      Of courze I pay tem 2 go 2 cool leg.
    11. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Just playing some videogames, you?
    12. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      We have not really spoken in a while.

      Thank you, you too!
    13. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      *Shoots you again just to be sure*

      Okay, that's enough puns for one day.
    14. Bakphoon™
      The school in which you stay till the evening?

      I had alot of PSAT stuff, subject worksheets and one project..

      Same. This is unrelated but.. What anime do you watch?

      No but my sister says that they are pretty good, have to check that blog out too.
    15. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      I gave the apple to you.

      There's no Shaymin using puns.
    16. Bakphoon™
      Surely has been.

      Apparently alot of people here like using forums in schools. :p

      I've been great. Holidays end day after tomorrow so doing some homework right now.

      Why does it have to end..

      Also, check this Tumblr blog. This artist is uploading fanart of Gravity Falls everyday in a countdown fashion. Each picture has a number telling how many days left and each picture also has something related to a episode. It may sound complicated but you will understand when you see it.

    17. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      What a waste of a perfectly good apple...

      Because puns are fun.
    18. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Hey, it's not my fault that you took so long!

      Happy belated Mew year.
    19. Bakphoon™
      Oh and I just realized you like Gravity Falls. *high five *
    20. Bakphoon™
      Sup. It's literally been a year since we last talked.

      So what's up? Why weren't you around for so long?
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