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  • Hey, still looking for a Celebi? My friend is giving one away. :)

    Legendary Package Giveaway - Celebi, Mew & Jirachi.
    I don.t really know what Event they came from since the guy i traded didn.t tell me, but i can ask, they are not UT, i lvled them a bit at daycare,but basically, they have no EVs yet so, they are UT.
    hmm you don't have ROCKS metang huh. it is kind of rare though.

    really you don't have any other 3rd gen event pokemon? i don't mind you list it down then i shall decide. i pretty much ok with any 3rd gen pokemon because that is the one i lack in my collection.
    completed the game!

    do you still want me to hold faraway mew?

    hmm i am looking for 3rd gen pokemon event such as ROCKS metang or XD pokemon.
    I think I have both of those. Mainly looking for the Japanese ones and the Summer one from different countries (they have different OTs)
    Well I'm going to bed. Talk to you tomorrow :)
    Ok cool. I hope it gets accepted.
    Coincidentally, I also posted a trade shop yesterday. It was for 5th gen though. Specifically for DW trading :)
    Also do you have any event Jirachis?
    I would be willing to mass breed for you if you could help out on my Jirachi collection.
    No problem. If you want, I can take egg move requests. Got nothing better to do over this 5 day weekend (other than watch anime and eat LOL)
    hmm due to i had restarted my game, it will take a while to complete before i got back faraway mew from my friend (i sent it over to him before i restarted the game).
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