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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Hi! I saw that you have some HA rockruffs? I have lots of stuff for trade if youre interested. :) Ill give you a short list of some of my better stuff.

    wimpod - adamant
    solosis - modest
    growlithe - jolly
    mimikyu - jolly
    eevee w/ anticipation
    tons of dratini's
    litten - adamant
    ghastly - timid
    comfee - modest

    if theres anything you need let me know. :)
    To be fair (and partially continue the thread conversation) you have to be a bit of a grinding/gaming masochist if you enjoy the Disgaea series and earlier FFs lol.
    Hey, I really enjoyed your advice! Can you help me with my Hoopa on "Competitive Single Rates" thread?! It looks like there hasn't been activity on this thread for a while and I really need help and I can't ask you on the "Ask a Question" thread since this is an actual set, I mostly need IVs and EVs tips, since I'm already set on Psychic you can ignore the Zen Headbutt.
    Hey since you apparently don't allow private messages, I got a jolly 6IV hoopa for you. The pokemon is legit so it's usable on wifi, it's just that the IVs were edited to be all 31. Are you interested?
    I think I just met one of jskylinegtr's buddies...
    Guy tried and defended him saying he had a "right" to speak that opinion that much. So I told the little f*** no, he doesn't have the right to post the same fanfictiony senario over and over again and that it adds nothing to the conversation. He's 15 he knows better..
    Don't you hate it when you get into an argument and the person you argue with basically lost but won't admit it never gives in?
    And it's even worse when multiple people disagree with him. xD
    Hi Disaster_Lord. I have a question: Who are those girls slapping each other in your signature picture? And what anime are they from?
    See I tend to save my ignore list for the special trolls. The really persistent ones who love try and say the bravest s*** behind their screens.

    But for this guy's sake I'll make an exception because it's really just spam at this point.
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