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  • I think Fletchinder's personality will come out more cause of the eventual battles coming where it will be heavily needed and stuff. It has starred in 4 Gyms and has some good records so far.
    IMO Fletchinder is a fresh flavor compared to Ash's past birds. Fletchinder is Ash's 1st bird that isn't Normal/Flying. Even though Fletchling is Normal/Flying it evolves into a Flying-type that isn't a Normal-type. There are very few pokemon that have the same typing as Fletchinder & Talonflame so its very cool. Even in the games of XY & ORAS...I always went for Fletchling/Fletchinder and always fully evolved it. I don't see why everyone is bashing it; same for Hawlucha...yes they are both birds but they battle so very differently..Fletchinder is the Fire Bird & Hawlucha is a Wrestling Bird that enjoys Close Quarters Combat.

    I guess the ones who bash them want to go back to the stale Normal/Flying typing. They bash things for being 'bland' but yet they want something that is bland.
    in a way it would be like a 'what if' if Muk & Bayleef had a kid...the cute huggyness of Bayleef with the slimyness of Muk.

    Female Goodra is the cutest and worth having around.
    Goodra doing the slimy glomping hugs would be awesome to see more of rather than just that 1 right after it evolved. It staying at the Swamp in Route 14 would just be messed up..I know that its Goodra's home but still. I can see them going there to visit Goodra's home & beating the Florges but I wanna see Goodra staying at Ash's side plus I'm extremely curious on Goodra's gender. I'm hoping Goodra is a girl as it would make the slimy hugging glomps even more cute.
    I'm extremely hoping that Goodra is staying and that the titles are misleading. cause also if Goodra leaves then if at any point Gible is brought back and evolves any...Gabite would be leaving next and if that happens it will mean that Ash is not allowed to keep a Psuedo Legendary. As well as it would take Ash from 4 types he needs to 5 types and Dragon-types aside from Kingdra, Dragalge and Mega Evolutions...all Dragon-types are Psuedo Legends. But getting back to my original point...I hope Goodra is staying and just only overcoming its fear.
    If Goodra leaves its a severe slap in the face to us fans and they'd be getting rid of a money making cash dragon. and it'd be like..."Writers: Ok Ash here's a Goomy. Now take care of it for 13 or 14 episodes then release it after the 5th gym."
    It would make no sense at all for them to finally give Ash his 5th team member just to get Ash to drop back down to 4.
    idk but if they dont like it then they should either ignore it or not post anything cause someone will always quote them. and on a side note....I'm a bit worried about the 2 newest episode titles.
    Its always from Beginner Trainer accounts that are either active or are already banned. and its cause of those people that I made my signature like that cause if someone else is using a starting account just to do the bashing then they are being cowards for not facing me head on.
    "Here! take my jewels!"

    could this mean Jynx is misdreavus?

    oh, remember when gengar and golbat stick their tongues out at you?
    Please don't mention Pingasaur...Had enough issues with that evil frog tree thing...

    What about Kanga falling on her baby?
    Stadium 1/2 and Pokemon puzzle league (where you beat jynx, her hair is only left waving a white flag)
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