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  • hi i'm interested in going NCTH club. I read the rules and I'm one of those people that just hate's the whole IV/EV training idea. I do have wi-fi and would like to battle although i'm not very good at it yet.
    hey Displeased Owl. I have a question about the NCTH rules. I know the rule states that we cant competitive battle at all. Would it be allowed for me to use PO for a competitive battle thing, and my carts for the NCTH. I understand all competitive stuff, i just dont wanna do it on carts. Would that be allowed or would i have to choose a specific battle style?
    That's ok, but if you have a minute could you read and review my fic? It would be nice to have another person giving feedback
    hey long time no being on the forums.... i finally got wifi at home so if you ever want to battle me pm me please this is my fc 0991-5561-0736
    Hey, if you have any time on your Gen. 5 game over your break and are around WiFi, then could you help me practice with my Psychic team in a Rotation Battle? It's an outline of what I want, but I think it's pretty good, and Feral wants to see how Wobuffet affects the outcome if at all before he says if it is banned or not.
    It's great! I guess with me too I haven't had the hoped-for time to play but my teams [the psychic and the one that you helped make] (I think and hope) are coming together.
    Yeah, I signed up for the psychic leader slot! Oh, and I also started my own fic. It's only about a week old right now.
    Yeah, it's mostly just me and Glover. I just looked at the first post and it didn't have the new guy's username. Lava172. I keep expecting to get on and the whole group would be as strong as it was. Oh well, it seemed to have a good run.
    Hey, just so you know, there's someone wanting to join the group and you're the only one who can add them.
    Mind if I join? I never have played competitively, and I don't have any plans to do so in the future.
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