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  • yeah I've heard of it, I want to get around to reading it eventually since Zazie is my name. Apparently Zazie is also the name of a French singer.
    Ah, no problem.

    Well, I thought the Mega Lucario ban was completely justified. It overcentralized the meta, by forcing people to run niche Pokémon just to check it, & the fact that it could run both an SD & NP set makes it the most dangerous.
    Hilarious..Oddly enough, Medicaham, and Aggron megas I had trouble with, you don't see Houndoom, Absol, Aerodactyl, Gardevoir and not much of Garchomp lately, I mean its like everyone forgot about them...And I've been trolled to no end by Mega Banette... I never liked Charizard X so I traded it for his Y stone...I hardly used Veniusaur and Obamasnow, Blastoise helped me well w/ Flash Cannon (of course Im still talking about megas), but some of my best ones are Mega Tyranitar and Mawile
    I've lost many battles due to Genesect, constant u-turning and you cant tell which pokemon they would go to...A specially boosted Download wrecks almost everything...I may be weird for saying this, but I RARELY had any sort of problem with Mega Lucario..Watch as they slowly ban the megas...I say Mega Kazam, Cham, And Charizard Y would be next
    What are the odds XD, but to be honest, I feel things have been going out of control and think Smogon could've handled things a bit better
    Yeah I recommend going to a Michigan game! It's very worth it! I wish I could get season tickets honestly lol. That's cool that you do Quiz Bowl! I heard Quiz Bowl is pretty fun. My brother was doing Quiz Bowl in High School a few months ago he's in 10th grade.
    I love Ann Arbor! I went to a few Michigan Football games last season. I'm been to Ann Arbor and Michigan Stadium quite a bit in my life. I wish I could live in Ann Arbor actually lol. I'll be going back to Michigan Stadium in April for the Michigan Spring game! They're free admission. I go every season.
    That's cool! I don't go to school at Michigan, but I live in Michigan lol. I wish I went to School at Michigan. They're my favorite School and University!
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