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  • Sei n bro, ainda vejo muito por aí.Diferença de opiniao axo.
    Criança n corre com mochila do ash, mas muitos adultos andam com camiseta do poke, entao...
    The point is for the non-competitive/casual players. Not everyone is about making the perfect pokemon for tournaments, some people play just for fun. But I do agree that evolutions are better (not pre-evolutions though, unless they add to said pokemon). By adding megas (something new) they created a new kind of hype, which worked out for them, just not competitive-wise. But I would sacrifice all megas for better evolutions like in D/P/P.
    Yeah, this thread never needed to exist.
    Where did I say that there was another thread for the discussion? Also, stupid threads are spam. Pretty simple concept.
    It was spam, spam is against the rules. But you're free to believe whatever you want, doesn't bother me in the slightest.
    I understood the point of your thread completely, which is why I closed it. Besides the fact that GameFreak has nothing to do with Stadium, Snap or any of the other spin-offs it was a stupid thread in the first place.
    More of an opinion than a fact, although I did like that gen for what it was. I agree however, I would have preferred more Pokemon, but also more actual evolutions to improve certain Pokemon that could do with an evolution (Like they did in D/P/P). Megas do make things unbalanced, but all they need to do is make the use of Megas restricted e.g. Megas being allowed/disallowed in certain matches based on the options chosen.
    I doubt they'll backtrack, and they were a fun way to change the game. However if it does get out of hand they can just ban in tournaments I guess.
    You completely missed the point. Look at every line of reasoning you gave as to why there shouldn't be a 4th evolution. Each of those is completely obliterated by the introduction of megas.

    1) Megas broke the standards

    2) Megas are WAY more overpowered than what I suggested.

    3) Megas are like digimon

    4) Megas made pokemon enhanced in their appearance

    5) Megas not only made legenadaries seem weaker in comparison (Mega Kanghaskhan wrecks so many), they even gave some legendaries megas.

    6) Megas prove that high levels and experience are not the only way you can evolve (even if this is different to normal evolution)

    You was wrong. Gamefreak can do what they like and break their own standards, and this proves it. It also shows that anything is possible, and also highlights how reasonable my suggestion was. Making beedrill and other terrible/mediocre pokemon usable is much more balanced than powering up garchomp, mewtwo, gengar and other ridiculously powerful Pokemon.
    "A bunch of reasons why they will not add a 4th stage in evolution lines:

    1) A standard since Gen I is 3 stages.

    2) Stats issues. Some Pokemon would get overpowered.

    3) This is one of the basic differences between Pokemon and Digimon.

    4) Apperance issues. Some Pokemons cannot become more adult-like as they already are.

    5) Because of number #2, legendaries would become less attractive.

    6) Reaching the final stage would require more time because of collecting experience and high level.

    Above all, number #1 is enough. Nuff said. "

    This bit is my favourite.
    "I don't want a 4th evolution to be introduced, and they will never do that either.

    1) Three stages is a standard since Gen 1.

    2) As the poster above said, many third-stage Pokemons already have high stats. "

    Megas ftw.
    I've seen you somewhere talking about brazilians or being brazilian... Seria você mais um brasileiro aqui?
    Well were I live in my country their was a deal if I buy a 3DS at a certain shop they'd let me download a game out of some choices. One of them was Mario Kart 7 so if I make an account on nintendo and answer a survey about the 3DS, fill forms in about what shop I got it from and more. Then give them a picture of the recept so they believe and know we have bought the 3DS so they e-mailed us the code and we then download it. I'm gonna download it with my dad this weekend then I will put the 3DS away until my birthday.
    We use it as a guide, since most of the infractions are tied to posts, so we can read most posts, even if the post/thread was deleted. Creating a new account is currently against the rules, and will result in Infractions for one account and Bans for the other. We also used to transfer infractions to new accounts. (We still can do this, but we hardly have the need for it.)

    I know that Several staff do have infractions from before they became staff. (Staff can read any other user's infraction lists.)
    Expired infractions will never disappear. While they're won't be used for any Automatic Ban, we keep them to show how you've acted in the past, which provides a guide for "promotions" or manual bans.
    Mystical Jackal do you want to join Pokeguard? It's a guild where you can be in either of the 2 groups - Knights and Rebels. I am currently searching for members hope you can join!
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