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Ditto B1tch
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  • Most competitve battlers battle on stimulators, because they're easier to control. Just my two cents.

    Check your IVs, it could be 0/0/0/0/0/0 for all we know, but it isn't supposed to be have that much of an impact... hmmm. Also, are you sure you trained your EVs properly?
    dude you posted your chompster thread at the wrong place. The place you posted at is competitive battling, not in-game. Don't ask me where to post it, cuz I don't do much of in-game.

    You should ask a mod to close it before a competitve find out and throw fits XP
    Ummm yeah I saw your thread... But still... Maybe it's because of its IV's... Or maybe you didn't EV trained it correctly... Don't you think?
    Agree, What I like about pit is that you can fly for a long time, and on Wolf his reflector is made to send back attack with double of the speed. Both characters are good, the friend who beats me uses alot Wolf and Pit. He is so annoy with them. Both are character that can send you back your attacks, and with Lucario, they send back my aura sphere, and hit me. That bothers me alot. But sometimes I win and sometimes he wins. All I need is to get inspired. =)
    Right Now, I'm very very good using him, i know to use his double team, but sometimes I miss. Its all about practicing, I suck when I use lucario for the first time,but every time I use it, I felt more badass,and I mostly use it, but I also use Mr. Game and Watch, and I'm so good with him too. Even my friends had always said that I'm better with Mr.G&W than lucario just to make me annoy me, they always bother me telling lucario sucks. But I Kick their butts most of of my friend, only one can beat me.
    Same here, but mostly the movie. I stop watching the anime after Johto. Then I don't know from nowhere I saw this movie when I was 11, and I loved and enjoyed the movie, and I started to have a admiration of Lucario and turned my favorite. Arcanine was my favorite before Lucario. And in SSBB, he rocks! :)
    Well, also I liked to be a professional american football player, but I was rejected because i'm short, just like you. I wanted to prove everyone that size doesn't matter.
    I had once invited to compete 5 years ago, but I wasn't interested so I reject the offer. Soon my dad was desperate with me because he wanted me to become a Michael Phelps, I was like "that's not my dream dad, sorry".
    Well that what I think, and I don't watch TV to often lol. Well changing of topic, what sport do you like?
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