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Ditto B1tch
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  • Yea, I'm with you, the forums had made speak and think better. And Yet Brazil will have the world cup and the Olympics. I'm glad that Brazil are growing.. here in Mexico is very bad :(
    Brazil cool, i like it! watching the girls dancing samba ;) I'm joking. I wish to go to Brazil next year to see the World Cup, and go to the beach obviously.
    I slightly failed Tofel exam when I was getting to High School, I miss just 10 points. 550 was the limited of point in order to pass. I couldn't believe in that moment, but I didn't care much if I re-take Advanced English agian.
    don't worry, Tofel exam is just if you prove how you are good on your English in order to start learn a new language, like German, Italian, French etc. Tofel it doesn't care much, well if you are interesed to learn a new language. What cares more is the exam, because is what makes you be part of the high school.
    hahahaha, don't worry I'm lazy often too, I was like you when it was vacations, but right now with school, it had limited my time. And always have lot of homework. I hate it.
    Me too haha, but in a short period of time, when I'm free and not busy doing homework or other stuff every day.
    Lol, I have seen a lot of replies of you, everytime I see a thread, I see your username. How many do you post per day? just asking... :)
    Pois é, e juntos dominaremos o mundo!

    Mas, de qualquer forma, quais são seus jogos favoritos?
    NO Kyogre and Groudon are eternal enemies !! I will never like Groudon.
    Ah.. Just kidding :D. I like both, they have good design. I like Kyogre better coz it's my first legendary and I love Orcas.
    Brasileiros! Brasileiros em todo lugar!
    Hehe, não é que tem muitos aqui mesmo?!
    Como você pode claramente perceber, também sou brasileiro.
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