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Ditto B1tch
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  • Bom dia! Hehhe!

    Respondendo sua PM (Por VM), óbvio...sou Brasileira, de São Paulo!

    Têm mais uns 4 Brasileiros aqui ^^
    I was actually looking for the A-OK generator that auto generates rescue codes but I applaud you for your effort.

    Ty for the FR BTW
    Hum... I guess, though it only works if they are actually on fb on the same time, and in my experience, that happens rarely, so that's why I gave up on fb, as acuantances from back home are never on when I'm on.

    Eh, think I might've said too much here.
    In response to your thread, the country I'm from is irrelavant, as I don't live there anymore anyway.
    Bt I'm from the Netherlands.

    I don't check my fb because of not only a loss of interest, but also because it is basically useless, unless you like being cyberstalked, witheople having access to your pics, which they can easily edit and use for... Erm, yeah.

    Anyway, the payment thing you said is what I was reffering to, as basically everything on fb is free to start with, and having addon content with purchases.

    This would be useless as the age group that it's aimed at isn't legally allowed on fb, and the rest of the gamers, who are older, are mostly on other social media focused on Pokémon, with fb being a general rarity.

    Oh, and you might want to report the below visitor message, or delete it :)
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