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  • ;p
    Yeah, it should.

    I'm doing fine as well, haven't been on much lately, though ._.
    CASUAL REMINDER: I'm Back. Not that anyone cares.
    Funny that you should say that, as a few days ago, I was actually wondering where you had gotten off to. I assumed that you left to avoid spoilers. But I think it's nice to have you back, anyway. :)
    I've kinda half-committed to Chespin, but I don't think I can make a decision till I see the final evo's :( wish it was simpler!
    Oh yeah of cause! Amaura! I love that cutey pie! Yeah :L too hard man, I like Noivern, but I like Clauncher and Pyroar, I like Honedge, I like Tyrunt too! Yeah, I'm probably going to try and wait and see though, usually never have a time plan till I play :p

    Yeah, Honedge was kinda under the radar for a while wasn't it- so revealing it's evo of all things was pretty surprising! I hope it has a cool story- the reuinited souls thing is so interesting! And I can't unsee the undeniable heart shape built into it's design- thr curve of the sword hilts do indeed form what resembles a heart, when taken with the shared sheath part of it's design. Yeah same :p I usually try to avoid reserving pokemon I'm going to defo catch and use, because, well we never know what else is in store ;) Swirlix is a definite catch for me though! Love that fluffeh guy :3

    I'm going to be off to bed now, I've got uni tomorrow- but thanks for replying :)
    hey man, how you doing?

    Erm, just saying hi :) what do you think of Doublade now it's sunk in a little? I love it!

    Well, I can definitely see where you get the vibe from.

    Do you have any pet peeves about the fandom except from me? Mines is when people are like Magic = Psychic. In what world?

    Sorry, I hate it when people overlap/overextend types. I tend to be OCD with Pokémon >.<
    Haha. Why didn't you just get it at GAME or something?


    Psychic: About 88 Pokémon that learn Psychic without being Psychic (roughly, too lazy too count them all properly, plus some evolve into Psychic-Types or have Psychic forms)

    Psybeam: Learned by 20 Pokémon not Psychic

    Psyshock: Learnt by 14 Pokémon not Psychic (15, but Arceus has a Psychic form)

    Porygon line learns all three, Misdreavus learns 2/3. Venonat learns 2/3 via level.

    And then there's the possibility of Psyshock and Psychic being TMs, or Psybeam being an egg or that crap.

    I mean I doubt Chespin learns Aerial Ace via level. :p

    I think I will have a meltdown if Fennekin is Psychic XD
    Psychic is an ultra common TM Move, Psybeam is learned by many Pokémon, especially Misdreavus, who learns Psybeam with no relation to Psychic, and Psyshock is a Psychic wannabe.


    Yeah. I don't care if Froakie is the Karate Kid. It must be Water/Dark.
    Still, it makes sense. Plus, it has browns on it.

    Oh, you XD

    But seriously, I'm weary of Psychic because GF seems to be flaunting it in our face. GF is not one to do that. ._.

    It's like Oshawott v2 0_o
    I had a dream that Braixen evolved into a Fairy and then GF saw me happy and put out a patch that made the game unplayable unless you download it. It replaced its Fairy with Psychic :/
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