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Jul 23, 2016
Jan 12, 2013
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May 19

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Well-Known Member, from England

Ditto24 was last seen:
Jul 23, 2016
    1. MidnightFennekin
      Not using it for the story, even when I use Froaks and Chrs :p
    2. MidnightFennekin
      EV train it.

    3. MidnightFennekin
    4. MidnightFennekin
      Yeah, Fire Fanboy is in my pants :p

      For me, it's counterbalanced by Torchic :p

      I used to love it, now it's my least favourite Glenn starter. Love Mudkip.

      Also, I love Bulbad***aur way more than Charmander :p
    5. MidnightFennekin
      Name or Posts?

      I know your probably sick of it, but the moon will be sick of me jumping over it if Fennekin is Fairy :p
    6. MidnightFennekin
      Question. If Froakie ends up Dark, how will you react?

      I'd be over the moon. I love classic evil ninjas, and the little guy is growing on me :3

      First Water starter I really like, I'm a Fire Fanboy :3
    7. Endolise
      You know, I love your Casual Reminders. Especially the current one.
    8. Blackjack the Titan
    9. Auberon TheFae
      Auberon TheFae
      Clean your inbox!!! :P
    10. Nightblind249
      Sorry for the late reply. But thanks for the info. I heard the same thing but wasn't sure.
    11. EonDragonFTW
      Ok, so you'd have to use the BB Code. It goes like this:

      and then just put that into your sig
    12. EonDragonFTW
      Meh, It's ok. I just don't want my guild to close due to inactivity
    13. EonDragonFTW
      Hey dude, can you post on the guild thread a little more. We'd love to hear your great speculation on X/Y too
    14. MidnightFennekin
      Oops, para two is wrong, I meant I'd rather have Grass/Fighting and stuff then Grass/Dark and crap. My bad.
    15. MidnightFennekin
      The thing is, it seems to only use it due to being a hedgehog.

      I really don't like the idea of a second triangle. Even if it's Grass/Fighting, Fire/Psychic and Water/Dark, like you want.

      Actually, I'd love that too, all three are decent-ish typings.

      However, what really makes me weary is;

      a), GF is never this obvious about starter final typings, yet Fennekin seems to be.

      b), He had to correct it.

      c), He provided no other detail about them.

      Plus, Hariboogu/Burigaron and Mafokushii/Teeruna makes me think Grass/Steel and Fire/Fairy, mostly because of the armour (usually made out of Steel) theme and magic/moon, both of which seem to be related (not strictly to, but related) to Fairy. Gekkogashira and Gekkouga, which seem to be Gecko + Boss and Ninja each, make me think Dark-Type, too.

      Wait a minute! Steel, Fairy and Dark? Those three are all the types that weren't in the original fifteen! And Pokémon with those types are generally given lots of attention...
    16. MidnightFennekin

      I'm warming up to Fire/Psychic Fennekin, but now it's Grass/Dark Chespin that's annoying me. It's a mediocre typing, and for once I'd like to see the Grass-Type being really good. None of them really were until DW.

      Grass/Steel I would die for, since the leaked names, if Burigaron is it's evo, hints at armour.

      Actually, Chespin Grass/Steel, Fennekin Fire/Fairy and Froakie Water/Dark would have me screaming of happiness XD
    17. MidnightFennekin
      Yeah, at first I couldn't stand him, but know he's one of the cutest Pokémon for me :3

      Just hope his evo is a baws.

      Worst case scenario:




      I've had the idea that all three might be Fairy-Type upon evolution. Foxes and Frogs are magical, and Knights are often in fairytales.
    18. MidnightFennekin
      May both of our wishes come true! :D

      Yeah, except from hipsters who are like Fennekin sucks.

      But seriously, all three are adorable. I want to hug them all!!!
    19. MidnightFennekin
      Not really, most people a) dislike Fairy, or b) treat it like it's always been there. Or c), pull a MidnightFennekin and love it to death without proper info.

      But seriously, it won't draw as much attention as everyone says. Fennekin isn't suddenly not gonna be extremely loveable and Froakie and Chespin will be felons for ugliness.

      I mean Gardevoir and Xerneas aren't tons more popular then Gallade and Yveltal.

      I swear, if Froakie isn't Water/Dark....
    20. MidnightFennekin
      You kinda just contradicted yourself. XD

      Wait. What if all three are Fairy-Type?

      Nah, I could see it work with Fenn and Froak, but not Ches.
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