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Jul 23, 2016
Jan 12, 2013
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May 19

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Well-Known Member, from England

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Jul 23, 2016
    1. MidnightFennekin
      The starters are never balanced. Only Blaziken is so heavily featured as a mega and the others aren't.

      Plus, Legendaries are 'equals' as well, didn't stop Umbreon and Xerneas pulling one over their counterparts and getting a spanking new type.

      Are they? I've never seen them as magical in other jap stuff...
    2. MidnightFennekin
      Yeah, but the game is made in Japan, where foxes are much more magical. I think. Lol.

      Where do you get that impression from? Just asking :p

      But considering at the rate there pushing fairy...
    3. MidnightFennekin
      Yes, but it wont pull them in if we don't get the starter evos :p

      Remember, this is GF, where they do whatever the hell they think fits, ignoring fairness, or fairyness XD and stuff.

      But the fact we got Fennekin, which is based off of a magical animal, and a magical type was introduced in the same gen just seems way too weird to be coincidental. And the fact Fennekin is Fire-Type, which GF tends to be most biased too....

      I also think they might do it to win back some fans from Torchic.
    4. MidnightFennekin
      Well, we see a white really fluffy dog-shaped thing in the anime preview, which I'm guessing is Swirlix's evo.

      What would you think of Fennekin being Fire/Fairy?

      I just realized it's a month today that I stopped hating Froakie and started thinking it was cute.

      Still not as cute as Fenny and Ches, but still adorable.
    5. MidnightFennekin

      I want my wolfie <3

      If Mafokushii isn't Fairy-Type, Fennekin evo or not....

      I will just use my Cotton Candog to block it out.
    6. MidnightFennekin
      What? I thought Hariboogu was the rumoured one?

      Yes, but we got Bunnelby right as a digger. :p

      However, Mafokushii is obviously a fox, :p

      Wait? A fox, a wolf and a cotton candog?

      This is my favourite gen EVER!!!
    7. MidnightFennekin
      What do you believe more? Pokebeach rumours or Leaked names?

      Just curious...

      Well, considering that an Ice Wolf seems to be one of the Pokémon listed in the leaked names...

      Yeah, Ice-Type never gets enough attention.
    8. MidnightFennekin
      Ah. Well, good luck on a rematch!

      Nah, Ninjas are all about stealth and tricks, and are often seen as evil/assassins, which really make me think Dark.

      Gekkogashira sounds like a bawss :p

      But seriously, I really want Fire/Fairy Fennekin evo.

      Perhaps Fennekin's the reason we're not getting starter evos pre-game, so most people are unbiased?
    9. MidnightFennekin
      Not teasing, I really want it to be! Water/Fighting is such an overrated typing, and pretty boring but Water/Dark seems really fun!

      Ninja Froak!
    10. MidnightFennekin
      Hmm, I wonder if we'll see starter evos? GF has never been a straight forward company XD

      Because of Gekkogashira, I'm expecting a Water/Dark Froakie evo.

      I'd love it to end up as a thief! Using a bubble bag is sooooo stylish! :p
    11. MidnightFennekin
      What do you think will be revealed at the demo?

      I'm expecting one-two new Pokémon, Orotto and two-ish megas. :p
    12. EonDragonFTW
      tis a weird rule indeed, but i put it in so that one will make it onto the team based on skill, not luck. just dont think about it, and try to win the next battle. And it doesn't even need to be that amount, just demonstrate your skills, and you'll make it onto the team
    13. EonDragonFTW
      hey, sorry about having to leave and end the watch early. I really had to go somewhere. We can restart the last match at a later time. you currently have a score of 4, to make the war team, you have to win the last one at least 3-0
    14. EonDragonFTW
      Ok, I'm ready now, meet you on the PS Server, name's EonMan.
      Good luck.
    15. EonDragonFTW
      Hey you ready for the war team tryout today?
    16. MidnightFennekin
      I am here to annoy you.

      Nah, more like ask you what makes you like Froakie. I'm trying to see how others appreciate the starters :p

      So I can appreciate them more.
    17. MidnightFennekin
      Deleted the Tenta Set for... reasons.
    18. EonDragonFTW
      Upload the other teams, then we'll battle another day.
      I wanna see you use different strategies
    19. EonDragonFTW
      Cool, so when you wanna battle? I'm free until around lunch time (cuz them I have to take a practice SAT).
      And do you want to battle on PS, or wifi?
    20. MidnightFennekin
      Yeah, all OU.

      I was away VM him anyway, I saw your message and couldn't resist letting him know your really good :p
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