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  • Hi :) Thanks for the friend request man, I'm not really as crazy as I seemed last night, just a bit delusional from being ill and not being able to sleep :p
    Hahaha perhaps, I also think that they are 100% certain what type they want them to be as yet. Yea I thought of Grass for Xerneas too, because I saw no reason for it being in the forest if it was another type. But hmm we never know we GF Lugia does live at the bottom of the ocean, and in the recent trailer, it seemed to me that Xerneas used Ice-Beam.
    Hmmmm, but I found it odd that when the announced the Fairy-type that they didn't reveal Xerneas and Yveltal's type as well. I thought that was the perfect opportunity, because like Slyveon their types have remained a mystery. In terms of Yveltal if it did become a Poison type, I would want it to be Dark/Posion with the ability levitate. I chose Dark because when I first saw it I immediately thought of the Dark-type, plus it has "Yvel" in its name.
    The length of your answer isn't problem, and interestingly I do the same thing. But for my case I usually always like the least popular mascot more. I preferred Lugia, Kyogre, Palkia, Reshiram and now Xerneas. I absolutely adore Xerneas, I think it is my all time favourite mascot legendary. Elk were always vastly beautiful and majestic to me and when I first saw Xerneas I even got goose-bumps! I know it will most likely be Fairy-type (which I have no qualms with), but I am also hoping they might attach the Grass-type to it. But no matter what I think I will always love Xerneas.
    I totally agree with you, the Fighting-type needs to me knocked down a bit too (especially my cute pink Pokemon lol). I am hoping they give Grass-types a buff too, they really get the short-hand of the stick.
    No, I meant type effectiveness. So maybe certain types might become super-effective on others, while other may become resistant to another.
    Hmmm, well as long as I get a Grass/Ghost that will be perfect (Ghost-types are so much fun!). In terms of Milotic, I think it only seems natural for her to gain the type, so fingers crossed it happens. Do you think the relationship between other types might be changed this generation?
    Hahaha I think Milotic might be that Water/Fairy you are hoping for. Hmmm I would love a Grass/Ghost too, but I want it to be something unexpected not the Jack-O-lantern everyone is expecting.
    Poor normal-type loves the boost that electric gives it. But yea I really like new type combinations, and I hoping to see the entrance of a Grass/Fire or Grass/Dragon this generation.
    I guess to each his own lol. Hopefully litleo's evolution/s save him for me, I really do want to like him. On the other side of the spectrum, I like helioptile a lot and I really want GF to treat it nicely and give it awesome evos!
    Gogoat is awesome!!! I really hope he has some good stats to back his great look. The only designs that I am not a big fan of are litleo's and scatterbug's. Although I am starting to like scatterbug a bit more, however Litleo's face just really bugs me lol
    i thought u were reffering to me since we had an argument about eeveelutions and i didnt atatcked u... if u werent then i am sorry for calling u drama queen XD
    now if people called u stupid, then u are right to say u were attacked
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