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  • Same if Braixen's evo is fugly. and Psychic

    I'm actually considering that, I hate Psychic-Type, unless its Drowzee/Hypno. Funny thing is, it didn't have anything to do with Fennekin's eventual typing. They're just so... Overrated.
    Haha, just tried to make a name using French for Frog or Toad. Toad in French is Crapaud XD

    Craptain XD

    Accidently posted it on my own page XD
    Water/???, can change form.

    Shall be called Rububble.

    Has got an idea for Frogadier's evo's name if its Dark-Type.


    *gets shot*
    Only when there's death involved.

    But I'm a sucker for Corrie.

    Now I understand why quite a lot of people think I'm gay. Haha, totally wrong.
    Moira is the f*cked up matriarch of the McQueen Family and Trevor is basically a pimp/club owner/evil douche bag all in one.

    In a few months he achieved more than Team Rocket in 3+ Years XD

    It's a good watch when they don't go like 'Ooh Eye Candy Eye Candy'.
    XD Because of Hollyoaks I started imagining Trevor as an evil club owner ._.

    I totally called Moira wearing a Bullet Proof Vest. My mum was just staring at me like ._. dat boy is one sad teen, but I got it right XD
    Amaura looks so better <3 I love the elegance of Aurorus. Plus, I've never usually train Ice or Rock-Types, and I don't like Dragon.

    If the starters became Steel, Fairy and Dark, in that order, how would you react.

    I'm such a FennekinFairyFag :3
    Yeah, I can't visualise what it'd look like, but I know that in my mind, it fits.

    What fossil are you choosing. I have a strange urge for Amaura.
    Really hope it is. Makes up for the fact that Fennekin probably won't be Fairy.

    BTW if you hear a really high pitched scream after a thunderous gasp it'll be me if my Braixen evolves and Fairy shows up.

    Plus, the mask and gloves make me think thief even more.
    Hardy as in tough.

    I turned this into a VM because I don't want to start another argument on the thread. I'm really good at that, am I?

    Anyway, I'm 75% sure Froakie/Froggyadier will become Dark when they evolve, since they're based on Rogues. Rogues are seen as Evil, Dark's Jap name, and the Ninja hints can also hint at Dark, since traditionally, they're thieves, assassins and other stuff a long those lines. Also, Froakie is shown using something along the Torment, and since according to some 'it has to be level-up', that could be another hint. Froggydier also confuses its opponents by leaping on the roof and other places.

    Your thoughts on my probably wrong theory?
    Hey can you tell me how you got your signature to sit right in the middle? Because I can only make mine sit on the left side.
    Activity sweep, you have not posted in the EOND guild thread in over a month. You have 48 hours to post weather or not you wish to remain in the guild. If no please be advised you will be removed and must wait 3 weeks to join another or with us again, you also have earned a strike for not staying active without a reasonable excuse as per the rules state.
    If you meant a cougar, I guess we don't have one.

    If you meant a black panther, that animal is a melanistic pigment variation of a jaguar or leopard. Liepard is a dark-colored leopard, so it's basically got the black panther role fit in already.

    That's not to say you couldn't have another leopard or panther Pokemon; we have a ton of monkey Pokemon, for example, and Litleleo looks like it will be another lion Pokemon after the Shinx line.
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