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  • I had a dream where Froakie was a Water/Flying Type based on Korra, Fennekin being Fire/Electric based on Mako, and Chespin was a Grass/Rock Type based on Bolin.

    I've been watching too much Avatar.
    Hi! :D

    When are you expecting CoroCoro to leak, and what do you think it'll have?

    I'd guess:

    1-Fairy Type Chart (Confirmed)

    2-2 or 3 New Mega Evos

    3-Starter evos and one or two more Pokémon

    4-One or two characters

    5-Confirmation of at least one of the following three's types; Clemont, Grant and Korrina
    That's cause I'm not afraid to state my case. I don't try to sway people to my side (that would be nice in some cases), only to get them to see my point of view. That's not happening much lately right now ^^;

    Normally meme based
    It was not me... I swear

    But yeah, your opinion has to generally be accepted by all for "pos rep"
    That is why I refuse to use it because really, if you don't agree with someone, you can abuse the crap of it to send neg reps.
    Sorry if I came off as a jerk...I have no intention of that. Just I keep getting "minorly" harassed sometimes in my "rep" (I don't care for that, but it's annoying to keep seeing it) from time to time recently stating that all I do is spam
    I hope that Fairy doesn't really be SE on Dark, unless Dark is also SE on Fairy. Dark isn't the most powerful.

    I mean they got Psychic resisting wrong, so I'm hopeful...
    I don't hate it, it's just that I love the others more...

    Scrap that, it's Dragon then Ice then Water. I've never liked Dragon, so overrated. Fairy is a godsend to me.
    I mean 3,000 more storage for only a measly price? And this will last for years and years...

    Out of all three Kanto megas, what's your fave? I guess you know mine :p
    Haha, now I'll get even more backlash when I 'thoroughly speculate' about Fairy Fennekin....


    If there's a MegaFroakieFinalEvo, what would you like to see?
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