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  • Really? That's an interesting mental picture... xD Okay, thanks for telling me. I'll try to watch the old episodes when I have the chance. ;)
    Actually, no. To be honest, I hated the whole Total Drama series (because I didn't like the art at first) up until I saw the trailers for TDROTI. I decided to watch the first episode, and that's when I realized how epic and funny the whole thing was. xD
    Thanks! The first thing I did upon getting back was watch all three TDROTI episodes I missed (I'm in America, so I've only watched the first five episodes.). Then I remembered CW and decided to save it. xD

    I agree, Dawn was really cool with her psychic powers. If Scott hadn't backstabbed and tricked her like that, she probably would've made it far. Although I love all the characters in some way or another, she and Zoey are probably my favorites (partly because they have Pokemon characters' names. xD).
    Oh yeah, I remember that. Any particular reason you decided to babelfish the summary through Indonesian, Lithuanian, and Arabic? It just seemed like a random thing to do. Though, to be fair, it was pretty random of me to make a readable summary of that in the first place...
    Eh, I never watched that... I haven't liked CN for a particularly long time. I think I started liking CN after the show stopped consistently making new episodes. Sorry. :/
    Guys, this is a little random, but what if Amon is Tenzin's non-bender brother, Bumi? It would explain why he hates benders: growing up with four benders in the family would create a great deal of jealousy.
    Eh, Amon's parents were killed by firebenders. So it's impossible.

    Sorry for being nosy. xD
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