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  • Since I feel I do not have a big enough list to even open a trade shop, I think this works perfectly. If the list gets really big then I will consider opening up a shop. Until then enjoy

    1. All Serebii rules apply.
    2. I DO NOT accept hacked pokémon! Legit pokémon only!
    3. I DO accept cloned pokémon.
    4. I DO accept RNG’d pokémon.
    5. I have the right to refuse any trade offers.
    6. DO NOT POST on my VM wall. If you would like to make a trade please PM me. ALL VM'S WILL BE IGNORED AND DELETED!!

    National Dex Completion: 646/646
    *NEW* Additions: Last Update of list - Oct 18, 2011

    Up for trade list:
    Egg Move:
    Tepig - Curse/Yawn/Superpower
    Elekid - Focus Punch/Ice Punch/Fire Punch
    Ferroseed - Stealth Rock/Leech Seed
    Zorua - Snarl/Dark Pulse/Extrasensory/Sucker Punch
    Abra - Thunder Punch/Fire Punch/Ice Punch
    Dratini - Dragon Pulse/Dragon Dance/Iron Tail/Extremespeed
    Eevee - Wish
    Vulpix - Hypnosis/Heat Wave/Extrasensory/Hex
    Vulpix - Hypnosis/Disable/Spite/Energy Ball
    Gligar - Night Slash/Poison Sting/Wing Attack/X-Scissor
    Marill - Muddy Water
    Growlithe - Crunch/Flare Blitz/Close Combat/Morning Sun
    Ledyba - Drain Punch/Focus Punch/Comet Punch
    Shinx - Thunder Fang/Ice Fang/Fire Fang
    Exeggcute - Hypnosis/Leaf Storm/SolarBeam/Psychic
    Skarmory - Brave Bird/Stealth Rock/Whirlwind
    Drifloon - Hypnosis/Dream Eater/Disable/Destiny Bond
    Deino - Dark Pulse/Thunder Fang/Fire Fang/Ice Fang
    Lotad - Leech Seed/Giga Drain
    Vanillite - Water Pulse
    Teddiursa - Crunch/Take Down
    Pichu - Volt Tackle
    Scraggy - Ice Punch/Dragon Dance/Drain Punch
    Timburr - Mach Punch/Drain Punch
    Aipom - Beat Up/Fake Out
    Riolu - Blaze Kick/Sky Uppercut/Bullet Punch/Cross Chop
    Natu - Haze/Faint Attack/Roost/Drill Peck
    Litwick - Heat Wave
    Ralts - Mean Look/Shadow Sneak
    Totodile - Dragon Dance/Ice Punch *NEW*
    WIN2011 Suicune
    Janta's Shiny Golurk
    Almia Darkrai
    Movie Zekrom
    All released Berries, Damp Rock, DeepSeaTooth, DeepSeaScale, Dragon Scale, Dubious Disc, Electirizer, Heat Rock, Icy Rock, King's Rock, Lucky Punch, Magmarizer, Metal Coat, Protector, Reaper Cloth, Smooth Rock, Thick Club, Up-Grade
    Looking for list (in no particular order):
    Some events of interest
    DW females of interest
    Good egg move/chain breed pokemon
    Specific Events:
    Cilan's Pansage
    Satoshi's Reshiram
    Alamos Darkrai
    Good Natured Shiny:
    Rayquaza - Shiny, Jolly and Flawless
    Rare Candies, Relic Items, High selling items, Evolution Stones, Gems, Battle Subway Items, Plates, EXP Share, Type Increase Items (Sharp Beak, Twisted Spoon, ect.), PP Up/Max
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