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Recent content by Diven

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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    Haven't played MD for a while.. but forgot I still had an AwaitingRescue.. Dond't know floor, but I think it's around 30 Dungeon ? Well.. Stormy Sea ^^ Plzzz Help ! SOS Mail: R9?N4 HRTWN[F]?? RX7?H ?W??? ?4S[M]F?[M]? ?[M]FH? ??X?! 00??N+?? -H28C --> Saved !
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    Wondermail Generator

    You can download the newest version here This is the 'official' site..
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    Dont you just hate it when............

    Don't you just hate it when you're just rescued, die on the next floor and turn of you DS :(
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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    This night I died on my way to Kyogre.. So.. I'm in Stormy Sea on floor 21.. Difficulty is A SOS-Mail: RT?N+ HRTWN(F)?? 02M?H ?W??? ??S4S?7? ?40H? ??X?! (F)4??7+?? PH28C //Saved//
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    A-OK/Thank-You Mail Generators? 0_o;

    Almost everything goes by PM there.. But I've found some others.. also on an other forum.. And :( My theorie was wrong :( But I don't give up.. I'll be looking further !
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    link thread help!~

    Do you mean this thread ?? Djeeez.. It's in this board - -' Stikyed..
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    A-OK/Thank-You Mail Generators? 0_o;

    First of all.. I'm sorry to bring up this old thread.. But, I'm working/trying to solve the A-OK mail's... I'm working on a generator in Excel.. because I can't really program in something like C++ I think I just found out what the missing character is.. but I need some more checks.. Thus.. I...
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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    Can someone help me plzzz ? Sky Tower.. neer floor 20 I think.. Stupid Aerodactyl - -' RM?N+ HRSTN(f)?? S(m)M?H ?...??? ?4PC3?H? ?CFH? ??X?! -6??6+?? 1H28C Thanks to Axle I was saved!
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    The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    First I'm gonna defeat the Pokémon League on my FR After that I will hunting on a Shiny, don't know what Pokémon yet.. And maybe I'll go shiny hunting on a Numel on R or S or E when I get it Friday :D Hmm, on FR I(ll try the birds I think :-\
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    The "I Done Something Stupid" Topic

    I haven't really one something stupid.. but today, on my FireRed I discovered Treasure Beach.. and I was like 100 times on One Island - -' So stupid XD
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    FR Team //Help//

    I started with Charmander.. Now it's a Charmeleon Lvl 39, Sassy Nature and knows the moves: ~Rock Smash ~Flamethrower ~Ember ~Metal Claw I don't use him.. Also, maybe good to know.. I've ALL starters 2 times at lvl 5-6 in my boxes.. Maybe I need to do something with them (Yeah, Train...
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    FR Team //Help//

    Well, I'm now always rebatling the League (Can't get past the third E4) I am collecting money And this is my team.. Jolteon Lvl 67 @ Amulet Coin Trait: Volt Absorb Sassy Nature ~Thunder ~Agility ~Thunder Wave ~Quick Attack Extra: I think he's pretty good, only bad moves.. Seadra...
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    Starter Discussion

    Yeah, I was thinking of that too... there is a button ;) Hmm, just wait and see.. And think what you want, but I like them! :D Especially the Griffon/Cat
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    Starter Discussion

    Because... THAT IS NOT SURE... Or can you translate perfectly what he said??
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    Official New Pokemon Discussion II

    Well, To bad they are not real :( I really love these ones :( And it's not a cat! It's a pre evolution of a super cool Hippogrif! Look good, he/she has a beak !!