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  • I got it thanks : D, and they were awful says in a sarcastic voice "oh we need your birth certificate, social security #, signature, and ID" they were such *****
    Sorry about The wait I was stuck at the RMV and it was a complete waste of time I will message you in a moment
    Very sorry for the 30+ minute delay I was taking a shower and sometimes I fall asleep standing up, I responded in the shop just now
    Just replied in the shop, I am a single shop owner I have no partners, and I get pokemon cloned so I don't mind clones that much unless they are from gen3 games like ruby, sapphire, emerald, leaf green, and fore red, and wild pokemon from XD I don't like those cloned
    Ok if you get any of the other shinies I want then just say so. Im going into the dream to find a female i want. Be back in a little.
    Hello can you or can't you? I need to know if you can or cant get the other three so that i know to look somewhere else.
    Ok the genesect really isnt important. I just want the shinies and victini and if you can get genesect then that is good as well. Do you think you could get me any of the other shinies?(tepig, mudkip, dratini)
    I dont care that they are copies as long as i can use them in battle. Could you also get those shinies to level 30? I ask because i started the game over a week ago but i still have all the starters. I am only on the fourth gym and i need the pokemon at level 30 to fight elesa. Also if you do get them to level 30 then allow them to evolve naturally. So if they evolve before or at level 30 then let them evolve.
    Ok teach, i will give you every starter (except chimchar and the unova starters) that will be 11 starters so after you give me the shinies and victini, i also want the gensect. After that you can just give me any regular pokemon.
    Im asking because I'm trying to make an all shiny copy of my current team. If you dont then i would take victini if you are willing to trade. And if you need any other starters then just say because i hav them all.
    Hey what were we going to trade and I was wondering if you had a shiny eevee, riolu, tepig, dratini, zorua, or mudkip. Or any of thise pokemon's evolutions.(except for eevee. I only want a glaceon.)
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