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Divine Retribution

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  • Just so you know, the Alolan starters, the other two Kanto starters, Meltan and Melmetal, and a few other Pokemon ARE in the games' code. They're transfer-only Pokemon so they can't be accessed yet.
    Oh, trade one voiced freedom for another! Looks like you got unbanned, that's coolio. c:
    It wasn't I that unvoiced you, you directed one of your small diatribes at one of other mods of the room and they unvoiced!
    Well maybe I can make an exception for you to be voice! We don't normally voice non clan members though. The exception is like, zero.
    I'll mull it over ok?
    How can stall ever Recover? Oh wait, they can't, cause they wont have Sableye anymore to do it!
    Toxic Taunt variants are the ones that I think can give you trouble, specifically. Yeah just put Surf! Should be plenty help c:
    Try Surf if you can, it's really nice and'll really help in preserving your Latios! Both your mentioned set up dudes are fairly bulky so if anything, they may be able to afford to set up on a hit. Unless your Altaria's got EQ, three of your dudes'll really appreciate 40+ damage off of it. Heatran just seems to be a pain for your team inbetween them usually outspeeding defensive Lando and being surprisingly efficient at Leftovers recovery. I'm not sure of all your sets though so I may be just soundin a bit dumb here >.<. Roost does keep it healthy to keep checking stuff like Keldeo, Rotom, but you have an Altaria so it's a lil more manageable. Your Zone is scarf, im guessin?
    What's the altaria spread? Does your Lati have Surf?

    I dunno, maybe!
    No BL pokemon allowed! >.<
    Oh yea I know, I was just speakin in general in regards to newly built teams. I wouldn't know how to rate it though, I only play Ubers a lil bit
    That OU team deffo has an early ORAS vibe goin on with the MagneTaria
    I see sableye-mega and chansey on the same team and I think stall heh
    It is hard to not be bulky offense in Ubers though. OU RMT rates are rare here, and you asked for an Ubers rate. ^^; but it's good to write out the team and what things do in general just for your sake. Why not post it?
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