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  • We had a massive fall out the day that I left. I hope that she is okay. She is a really special person.

    Thanks! Everything is going well enough at the moment, so I just need to keep it up really. That sounds like a good plan. Accountancy is a good career.
    I"m sorry I had to leave like that. I hate doing things like that....
    And next time mics, yes, lol. BF picked a weird time to nap, lol.
    I most certainly do have MW3, and love it.
    I shall be looking for your request, and if it's not there, you're getting one from me!

    No, I haven't found another job yet. This is a crap time of year to be looking for one too. For now, I'm gonna suck up some unemployment. I might as well anyway, lol.
    Haha, we did have some really great times. Sometimes my mind drifts back to all of that insanity.

    I'm hopefully moving back home and converting into law school. If all goes very well that is. History is really awesome though! What do you want to do?
    Gosh it really has! That's really scary actually. I'm pleased that you are well.

    I'm as fine as ever really. I'm studying for a philosophy degree right now. How about you?
    I'm doing well. I live in Louisiana now, and I'm not engaged(or married). I'm with a different guy(that's why I live in Louisiana).
    Other than the fact that I was laid off at the end of January, I'm pretty good. Waiting for Wednesday to come around for the PS Vita, lol.
    How are you?
    Yes we should do a reunion chat one day. I still talk to Diddy, Duncan, Zadros, and bobandbill over various places.

    Arakawa actually has a new manga up called Silver Spoon. I read the first three chapters of it and I thought it's cute. XD

    LOL, indeed being overqualified will hurt your bank. :p And that's cool. Good luck with teacher's college.

    The ficcing is going fine. Haha not doing much Pokemon writing anymore and instead has been writing FMA stuff lately. Oh, you're talking about Down the Road? I have the story finished but I needed to edit a few things over the next chapter first before posting it. I is lazy. XD;

    EDIT: Oh, almost forgot. I prefer FMA dub version over the japanese version because I feel the English cast did better with the characters. And yes, I'm excited about the movie. I heard it's pretty fun.
    Yes, it seems. D: Everyone is just busy doing their own thing and such.

    Yeah, the original anime's ending I thought is well done. And LOL, it took about five/six more years until the manga was completed.

    I haven't watched the two Eden of the East movies, but I hope to one day when I get some time. And okay, thanks for the link! XD

    Yeah, I hope to hear from someone soon. I didn't actually do too much job searching since I got the volunteer position and was focusing on that and getting stuff done around the house for a while. I still browsed around for job positions, though. I'm considering either going back to my college getting a certificate or go to business school. Speaking of which, my major was Business Administration, haha.
    Okay, I'll PM you the link in a few minutes. :D I like both FMA anime, but I prefer Brotherhood mainly for Briggs and Xing characters, development of the main cast, and the plot, haha.

    Cool! I'll check out your MAL in a bit. :) What you think of Eden of the East?

    Yeah, I have no job yet sadly and indeed it's tough to get one now in this economy. I would whine about not hearing from places I had applied to, but my dad would tell me even professionals are having a hard time getting a job offer and to still keep my head up.
    Haha, I haven't been in the secret wars board in a while, but I still have the link. I can PM it to you if you want. And LOL, me too, although at the moment my obsession is FMA. :D

    Hm, so far the ones I've seen not in the list are East of Eden, Puella Magica, Gosick, xxHolic, and Star Driver. The last two I need to finish watching eventually, haha.

    I got done with uni last June. :D Right now I'm doing volunteering work for a city not far from my hometown.
    Dvinity! :D Indeed, it has been a long time!

    LOL, yes that's my MAL account. Man, I need to update it because I watched quite a few anime the past few weeks. XD
    Yup, all is well, enjoying the summer months as always. ^^

    Cons are typically pretty fun, so imo it's cool at go at least once and see what they're like. Anime North is pretty cool - I went a couple years back and it was a lot of fun (though I heard that this year was pretty meh due to shoddy organizing). But hm, if you go I might be tempted to join you. :D

    Yeah, I can't believe it's so soon, and I really hope he can make it! I was intending to do a whole new cosplay, but didn't have near enough time in the end. I'll likely recycle Umbreon and/or Captain Falcon, haha. Would you ever consider cosplaying?
    Holy crap, Div, you live! How are things going? I haven't seen you (literally) in ages!

    And yes, he is hopefully heading into our part of the country for a con in Montreal. I'm still not sure if it's 100% on, which is kinda bad considering it's in just over a week. XD I'm super psyched about it either way. You should come too, haha! Were there any cons in your area you've been able to attend?
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