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  • You're welcome. Thanks, and yeah, I sure hope so! No, unfortunately, not the slacking type, lol. Awesome, sounds cool. I truly wish that you find your life passion before long! I like those two subjects as well. ;)

    You're telling me... -sigh- It's self-inflicted, too, haha. Yup, a dreaded job. NEED the money so badly, rofl. Thanks, I'm really going to need the luck. Yes, they definitely are rough, and even college students [and graduates, for Pete's sake] can't find steady jobs.
    That's great news, Div, congratulations! I went on one college visit so far to the establishment I really have my heart set on. I'm excited and nervous for it, even though it's a year away for me yet. What do you want to study/major in?

    Nah, man, I still can't. I'mma have 3 or 4 summer projects for my AP classes, need to learn Chinese and continue Spanish, get a job to pay for college cuz we broke as crap, and still hang out with people. No time for fanfics anymore... which is both disappointing and a relief. Know what I mean?
    Wow, that's a lot of the same stuff cuz you know we haven't conversed in a LONG time, man...

    How's school for you? Have your grades gotten any better? Hahaha, that's amusing. Me, actually having the time to plan and write fanfics. Yeah, right. My studying is so insane nowadays that I'm lucky to have any free time at all.
    I've taken a long break too. Oh, interests like what? You mean to tell me that you have a life beyond Pokémon? xP

    Yep, a tad bit too early. Exams are in June, rofl. I finished conferences last week, though, and they went well.
    Whoa, it's Div! Haven't been on here in a long time; sorry I didn't message you sooner. I've been okay, pretty busy. How have you been, dear friend? It's so good to hear from you!
    I got all A's as final grades! I'm pretty happy. I dunno how I got a B+ on my Choir exam, though. =/ Gl!

    I got a Facebook! I'll probably leave Serebii or at least, not go on it so much. I dunno yet.

    How are ya?
    Haha, yes, I am still alive. I haven't been on much recently because exams are this week. ><

    I was wondering if you were still alive because I haven't talked to you in FOREVER. You're never on Gmail anymore. =(
    Ooh, serious? :D That makes me very happy to hear ^^ You'll be first on my PM list, so I'll be sure to let you know when I update. Thanks for reading!
    Hey, just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, strange and interesting as it was. Maybe we could do it again sometime - we just need to find something better to do than sit around a mall. XD

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