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  • Hey I saw that you have no art in your sig so I thought that I should tell you to swing by my art shop :)
    Hey man, at no point during this exchange have I been stressed. Okay, except when I forgot my chamomile tea on the table until it had already gone cold, but that's about it.

    And I do, but I'm just wondering when your curiosity will wane and you'll quit looking at my page.

    Apparently never. YOU stressed, bro?
    Don't get stressed when you ignited the fire.

    Anyway, do you not know how to post VM's to other people?
    I really can't understand why you're choosing to be further offended by this. I only took it here because it was a silly 'argument', per se, and a minor misunderstanding. I can't stand it when the chat thread's clogged up with arguments, hence why I came here. Thanks.
    Wow, coming onto my visitor page just to publicly continue an argument where everyone who views my page will notice it! What an upstanding gentleman you are.

    However, I can now see that this was little more than a friendly misunderstanding. Not like it would've been two more posts in the thread (that one from you, and this one from me) or a quick couple of private messages to make sure it was all cleared up or anything. It was most definitely necessary to put an out-of-context end of an argument on my profile page.
    To avoid clogging up the thread:

    Also, I was just offended that you branded us *all* "amiercants,"
    In fact, I didn't. Take note:

    • Certain *break* Americants: A small, specific group from all Americants (i.e. All Americans are Americants)
    • Certain Americants *break*: 'Certain' and 'Americants' being connected means that Americants are just a small sect from a larger group, i.e. Not all Americans are Americants

    You read the former, I wrote the latter.
    Good day kind sir.
    it would probably be a plus if i took the biology classes at school too...
    We'll see. I am thinking of specializing in marine animals and lifeformes.
    Haha, I'm only a student! However, if you really, truly love the subject, go for it. It's a lot of work, and a lot of the biologists I've seen and worked with during my time as a student have been very happy with their careers. But it's a huge time commitment, and like any science you can choose to study, it sucks a bit of your soul out at some points from the workload. Definitely do your homework before you jump into university studies, although that applies to any field, really. Best of luck!
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