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  • Okay, recap of what I've been up to: my mother passed away a couple of weeks ago (and my paternal grandmother died last month, lovely one-two combo), I've moved into an apartment with my spouse (still not legally married), and other than that, the usual.
    Ah, well, that's a problem - because I can only go online with my 5th gen games due to our internet settings. ^^; I'm sure someone else will be able to trade you a Japanese Ditto.
    whoo, no more exams for a bit! :D aww, how much have you done for gastly, and how are you hunting it? :p Gastly is a chaninable shiny, so if you're interested, you could try and get a shiny one that way :p I got 2 shiny Gastlys from doing that a while ago, but it took a while to get a chain going >.< some shiny hunters don't like chaining because they think it's 'cheap' and 'too easy' but I like the fact that it's easy ;) anyway, I'm MM'ing a Bulbasaur atm :(( not having any luck, I'm at like, 1300, that's over the odds by now :( bah.
    Hi. Any random Pokemon holding one of the shard items (red, blue, yellow or green) will do. My White 2 friend code is 0777-2469-0482
    Heya, how's it going? :p sorry i never replied to your last vm agsdfghajklal I'm so forgetful and easily distracted aaaaaa

    so how's it been anyway? :D
    Ah I see. It is a pain in the *** trying to get a shiny. I wanted a shiny Litwick, and was trying MM way......just didn't get one and got quite bored with it. Although I might try again with Black 2 what with the item that increases the chances of getting a shiny. always helpful.
    haha awesome, still loving the shiny hunting I take it? How goes that, got many? I've been playing a lot of Black 2, and now have the urge to replay Colosseum and maybe see if I can find Pokemon XD on the cheap.
    We went to see twilight sarcastically obviously :p its so bad, we were pissing ourselves.
    Seriously? Not a single one ever? They were showing them all on ITV for the 50 th anniversary :p Daniel Craig is a really good bond :) I read a few of the books ad well. I tried ti read the lotr trilogy, but never finished it fir some reason. Hm, I should read them again :p

    Lol, seriously? :p thats sweet, haha, thanks, but I'll have to pass :p never been to Luton, where even is it? :p
    Wow, lucky! :eek: I reaaally want to go see it, but none of my friends are really into lotr and I dont wanna go by myself :p one of my favourite actors is playing the hobbit! <3. I hardly ever go to the cinemas though, I mostly just watch stuff online :p went to see twilight and skyfall though, seen any if them? :p
    The same thing I do every weekend, DJ. :p absolutely nothing productive! Lotr marathon sounds fun :p excited about the hobbit coming out? :)
    Hey! :) It was aright, hand hurts from writing though :p glad it's over, and thankful for the weekend yay. Hbu? I'm typing on my phone ATM, and the battery is dying so I apologise if I don't reply for a while :p
    alright mate, remember me. Think I was one of your first friends on here when you joined....I think, was a while ago now since I was on here haha. Thought I'd make a come back after having played much of Black 2
    Yeah, I get what you mean. I've kinda lost interest for it, I'm more into shiny hunting and artsy stuff right now :3 It's fun looking through your pokedex and finding those pokemon you forgot existed, like Stantler or Delibird ;D Ohh, I'm also trying to teach myself to play pokemon songs on the piano. I'm currently half way through the Route 1 theme, but I just can't find that note after the main melody :( Oh well, I'll get it eventually xP

    What shinies do you have/ are hunting for? :D

    ohh, I was just wondering if it was english lang or lit :p I have an english language mock tomorrow, fun times x( and here I am sat drawing bunnies all over my desk :p
    It's been so long since the clan, I thought everyone from there had disappeared! Not that I knew many people, haha, but oh well ~ You still into competitive battling, anyway? :D Or are you shiny hunting more? ;)

    oooh, good luck with that :) what exam are you doing? :eek: I'm not doing so bad myself! Giving myself a break from revision and stuff by playing pokemon, woo. B) also it's snowing outside and it's so pretty aaaaaaaa. pretty but damn cold.
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